Thursday 26 November 2009

SkyWatch Friday Season 4 Episode 20

Late afternoon sky in Berkshire, 26th November 2009 The sky looked very grey but apparently was blue . . . . . . and I hadn't realised the clouds were so noticeable . . .
This oak still hangs on to its last leaves . . .
. . . and the waxing moon peeps through the branches of another oak!

I love looking at the sky in all its moods. If you share that interest, please click here and remember to say 'Thank you' to Klaus, Sandy, Fishing Guy, Wren, Louise and Sylvia who host this enjoyable meme.


  1. You are lucky to still have leaves on the trees. ours have blown away. I like the shot of the moon peeping through the oak tree best.

  2. Lovely late afternoon shots, especially with the moon in the sky. The leaves are hanging on this year - not so good with the high winds.

  3. Blue sky! Long may it last.

    My toddler loved your spider photo - not sure if I liked it as much!


  4. Nice celurean blue skies! Nice photos and thanks for sharing.


  5. I thought it was 'red sky at night, shepherd's delight'?
    How does 'red sky in the morning ..' finish, I wonder.
    In any case, thank you for visiting! Wonderful blue sky shots you have there!

  6. What beautiful blue skies and lovely trees you've captured and shared! Thank you ;-)
    Hugs and blessings,

  7. Oh, yes, our leaves are all long gone! Lovely skies and I love the moon peeking through the tree!

    Have a great weekend!


  8. These are wonderful--and I too envy your trees with leaves. Ours are all on the ground at the moment, waiting to be mulched and/or raked. Hope you're not amongst the ones being washed away these days!

    RE: the spider pictures. My daughter's first real word was "'pider" because an argiope built her web using my kitchen window as a frame. We watched her make the web, catch prey, and nest her babies--we even got to watch them scurry away when they hatched. Kids do indeed love this sort of thing. I've only had one bad encounter with a spider (brown recluse), but a course of Dapsone cured me, and I've been lucky since. Anyway, thanks for the photos, and for sparking the memory (the good one, that is).

  9. Lovely blue skies. Your second photo is beautiful. I love the composition and it looks very elemental and wintery.

  10. Beautiful blue skies.
    Happy weekend!

  11. Lovely series of skywatch photos.

  12. Very nice sky transitions [bless those oak trees!]with reflections and the moon. Oh my!

  13. Thank you all kind folks for your friendly comments.
    The power of images to stir imagination and awaken memories never fails to amaze. I'm grateful that my husband has always been the family photographer for his efforts have jogged my memory on many occasions - and now I'm following his example!
    Owlfarmer - ouch!


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