Saturday, 28 November 2009

Camera Critters #86,Pet Pride, Sleeping Puppy

Dogs with good hip joints are able to sleep with their hind legs stretched behind them. Many of our dogs have been able to do this but we've never before seen any of them cross their paws at the same time! Sleeping with the tip of the tongue poking out is very common. Dreaming of earlier times at the milk bar, maybe?
Gus is 12 weeks old today and has had all his vaccinations. In another week we will be introducing him to some of our favourite walks. What fun!

Thanks are due to Misty Dawn for Camera Critters and Bozo and his human for Pet Pride.
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  1. So sweet, there's nothing like sleeping puppies and sleeping babies!

  2. Awwww ... what ADORABLE puppy shots! Gus is so precious. Thanks for sharing your joy ;-)
    Hugs and blessings,

  3. What a super cute puppy!! I love when the tongue is out like that. Too precious :O)

    Happy 6WS!!

  4. Gus is absolutely adorable! I now have a warm fuzzy feeling thanks to these lovely photographs. Nothing like puppy picks to make you smile.

  5. Brilliant!
    Adorable post!
    Happy camera critters
    purrs and love
    Luna - We love Luna

  6. Gus is beautiful! the 3rd shot is kinda funny.

  7. Gus would surely enjoy the walk soon, the cute lil gus looks like my lil Oreo, he pokes his tongue out! BOL!

  8. Ohmygosh, those darling toes (bet they smell like Fritos) and that sweet, pink tongue. How in the world can you let that pup sleep☺ I'd be mauling it all the time.

    Just stopping by with my Sunday wishes! I count meeting you in blogland as one of my newest and best blessings!


  10. storyteller - thank you. Gus really is very sweet - and determined ;-)
    bookbabie - you're absolutely right!
    Kimmy - the little pink tongue poking out is a reminder of just how young they are :-)
    Denise - warm fuzzy feeling just about sums it up :-)
    Luna - thank you - exciting times ahead . . .
    Mimi - what a lovely thing to say - thank you!
    Ladynred - does make you smile, doesn't it?
    AL - I'm sure he will enjoy our walks - can't wait!

  11. Gorgeous views of sleeping dogs, but the tongue just peeking out is ultra cute!

  12. Thank you Gemma - the tongue and hiccoughs in young animals always make me smile.

  13. That's hilarious - and just oh so adorable!

  14. Gusm, is an adorable puppy! Great shots.

  15. What a cute pup. I've never seen one sleep with hind legs crossed! Love the pink tongue.
    By the way, your header is great!

  16. Thank you LadyFi, eileeninmd and Janie. The header was pure serendipity :-)

  17. What a cutie - in looks and behavior.

  18. There's nothing cuter than a sleeping puppy!

    As I type this, there's a little, diddy one snoozing on my husband's warm belly! More of that later.

  19. That is so cute! Love his expression. One of our grandkitties does that with his back legs but never seen them crossed like that!

  20. Gus is adorable! it doesn't get much cuter than when animals stick their little tongues out when the sleep! does he snore too?

  21. johnny - yes he does! It can get very noisy in our bedroom with four dogs, two cats and a husband snoring. Naturally, I don't snore ;-)
    Jeanne, Gennasus, Wren - thank you! He is very sweet but showing already that he will need a firm but kind hand!
    Sue - I have been thinking about you and Pansy such a lot. I may just uncross my fingers a little now!


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