Saturday, 21 November 2009

Six Word Saturday Full house

It's a full house this weekend!
There's no particular reason for it - we don't have Thanksgiving - but it's always nice to have family to stay.
Thank you to Cate from 'Show My Face' for initiating and hosting this meme.
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  1. oh, have fun! I love a full house too!

  2. Hope there's lots of food. Enjoy the company.

  3. Janice, please enjoy your family. They keep you busy especially if you have to cook a lot for all of them.
    My family is meeting in a pizza parlor in Houston tonight for my birthday. Birthday was three weeks ago but this if the first time all but one daughter and family could get together.
    Thursday, our Thanksgiving Day, some family will be here, some of them will come early.
    Happy 6WS! :-)

  4. Thank you folks! There's always plenty of food - and plenty left over - when the troops come.
    Hope all you good people across the pond enjoy Thanksgiving next week with your families and friends :-)

  5. I hope nothing gets knocked over

  6. Things get knocked over all the time in our house and most of them bounce!

  7. I'd say maybe you don't have Thanksgiving but still you have thanksgiving. Lovely just the same.

    Thanks for playing 6WS!

  8. Thank you Cate - much appreciated!

  9. Aren't they lovely? I can feel the love as I feel at home too.

    Lovable shot, J and hope your enjoying your week-end.


  10. Not just me with a houseful!

    Here is answer to your question:

    Contributions are three, three, three, two.

    JzB the family-man trombonist


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