Sunday 22 November 2009

The Second Blog of Augustus Lazarus Cooke (Gus)

Hello everyone!

Well, I've been here for three weeks and I really like it. There's always something going on and I'm constantly interested, especially if it involves food – and it often does!

There was a lot of sadness in the house last Friday. Frodo and I went to the vet and while we were there Mr Human asked Nadia for some advice about Dominie. Later on he took Dominie out and she hasn't come back and he was very upset. Then Mrs H took the big dogs out for a walk. We don't really understand where Dominie is but Mr and Mrs H said something about her being stardust now and they smiled sadly and gave all us animals an extra cuddle and a kiss. My sister, Jenna, was very depressed and Frodo and Monty were unhappy too. I miss Dominie; I didn't know her for very long and she couldn't really play with me but she was kind and licked me and she was good to snuggle up to. I sleep on her cushion now when I'm in the kitchen and Jenna and Monty and Winston and occasionally Buddy sleep on her settee in the sitting room.

I was really excited on Sunday because Jenna started playing with me. She grumbled a lot at the same time but that was just to let me know I had to behave as I am the youngest in the family. Then Frodo began to play and that was awesome. The three of us played together – it was great! Now she plays with me a lot and she's not making so much noise. She brings me toys to play with - isn't that sweet?

I'm much bigger than I was – that's what Mr and Mrs H say. I think they must be right because I can leap onto the step from the patio mostly in one go though sometimes I still have to do it in two jumps – well, a hop and a scramble really. Mrs H always giggles when I bound onto it and all four paws land at the same time. I don't think it's all that funny but then I'm not a Human and I can't see me.

Monty and Winston are still bigger than me. I like chasing them – it's fun. I'm going to have to stop though because they don't really like it. Monty bats me and hisses. Winston tries to hide but it's just too easy to corner him. I only want to play with them but I'm beginning to think they're not really dogs at all. They make funny noises – I don't know any dogs that hiss – and when they talk to the Humans their voices are high – and they have a thing called a litter tray; they don't ask to go outside like me. I like the litter tray – it's interesting. I was a bit worried the other day when Monty started chasing me so I scurried away and sat next to Frodo in his bed. Frodo's big and he's strong – and heavy. He's cool! Sometimes he treads on me and makes me yelp. Buddy walks on me too because he can't see very well. I'd like to play with him but he doesn't play with anyone; the Humans call him a real cool dude. Of course he's quite old and just wants a quiet life. He's the leader of the pack now.

What else have I found out? Oh yes, the dogs eat raw meat and I have a little too. It's scrumptious but I have to eat my special food too to make sure I grow properly and not at funny angles. When I'm a big boy I'll have raw food all the time like the others. Even Monty and Winston eat raw.

I can climb the stairs now too. I started doing that four days ago on Wednesday. We were all going to bed and Frodo was ahead. He bounded up the stairs in three leaps and I wanted to follow him (I really like Frodo) so I concentrated very hard and got all the way to the top. I'm not allowed to go downstairs though; Mrs H says it wouldn't be good for my joints but I don't mind being carried. I like being close to my Humans.

My next challenge is to clamber onto the furniture. I can nearly manage it but haven't got quite enough spring in my back legs. Mr H settles me next to him on his chair and that's lovely. Mrs H tuts but I don't think she's really cross. I can't wait till I can get on their bed every night with Jenna and Monty and Winston.

Foxy and Tia and their Humans are here for the weekend. Tia won't play with me but Foxy's ever so nice. She doesn't play rough and tumble like Jenna but rolls around and lets me climb on her. That's lots of fun.

I wonder what the next weeks will bring?

Hwyl fawr am nawr! (That's Welsh for 'Goodbye for now!'


  1. stardust a lovely way to say it come and see me sandy

  2. Just stopping by to say 'Hi' to you Gus. I have enjoyed reading your blog. It sounds as though you are doing really well, and fitting in nicely with your brothers and sisters, even the ones who 'hiss' at you.
    I tuck myself in beside my 'Dad'in his chair, and my 'Mum' does a lot of tutting too. She sounds like Skippy, the bush kangagroo sometimes.
    Must go before I get caught on her PC, Lots of sniffs and wags, Jack.

  3. Hi, Thanks for the comment on My SWS post. We did have a lovely early Thanksgiving with family. it is a lot of cooking and work,...but so worth it.

    I hope you have an enjoyable Sunday. Time for me to get ready for church!

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits


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