Saturday 14 November 2009

Six Word Saturday

It's a windy wet November day
Many of the remaining autumn leaves will be tugged from the branches to join the rest in an unlovely soggy muddy carpet in our sodden garden. The birds will take every brief opportunity to visit the feeders before scurrying back to their places of safety. Can birds scurry? Probably not! Well then, the squirrels will scurry and the birds will . . . NOT. They will dart away, hopefully avoiding the attention of any watching Sparrowhawk.
Periodically the sun attempts to break through but I fear it's fighting a losing battle. The day reflects the sombre mood in our house but that will improve and the weather may not.

Thank you to Cate from 'Show My Face' for initiating and hosting this meme.
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  1. It is not windy here, just cold!!!

  2. Sounds like our weather, here!

  3. accurate....and timely words! It's true for where I live too.

  4. A windy, wet day—
    yet children go out to play,
    laughing at the damp.

  5. ..
    Wet wintery day
    Janice inside watching out
    just her and the dogs
    Jim, four thousand miles away
    has beautiful top down day
    Happy 6WS! :-)

    My 6WS is here

  6. We've had the same weather here for the past few days. I'm ready for some sun!

  7. Where I am its an early spring looking autumn day. loving the sun.

  8. It is very soggy and windy here too. Grimsby was gloomy today.Sorry your house is in sombre mood and hope the winter days soon pass.

  9. our weather is the same here too.

  10. We've had quite the week of weather here. Finally, I see the sun!

    Thanks for playing 6WS!


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