Saturday, 20 February 2010

Just for Adi

Adi wanted to see what our dog beds were like . . .
Gus in one of his less elegant poses
Not nearly as soft as your bed/s Adi, but the dogs do sleep on the chairs, settees, our bed, the spare beds . . . and, occasionally, the floor.


  1. Ha! Gus looks ver comfortable, trusting and content like that. What a sweet guy!

  2. Jabblog, thanks so much for your appreciation: I like your blog and your images as well.
    Happy Sunday!

  3. Thank You Janice! If I weren't so old, thirteen, I would fall in love with that Gus. He is sooooooo cute!
    I know that with large a family it is a full time almost job you have keeping up with every one and taking care of their ills. They all look so good all the time.

    Jim is missing you this morning on 6WS and figured out you quit doing that last November. I am glad you were doing it then so we could know you.

  4. Too cute! Gus still has that lovely puppy belly and willy!

  5. Not elegant... but very cozy!


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