Sunday, 7 February 2010

Simple things . . .

I found this way to help the people in Haiti on Sylvia's blog - 'Sylvia From Over The Hill'.  Click on Chris's site and share the simple pleasures in your own life and at the same time help people in desperate need. Post your piece this weekend and include a link to Chris's site. Then stop by her blog to say you’ve posted your “Simple Things.” Post by midnight, Pacific time, Sunday, and don’t forget to link with Chris and to notify her that you’ve posted. You can borrow the “Simple Things” photo. If you don’t have a blog, a comment on her blog will count too if you tell her so.

 Some simple things that please and ease, in no particular order . . .

Fresh clean water at the twist of a tap
Hot water on tap for showers and baths
Clothes to my back
Freedom to speak - or to remain silent
The love of a good man
My four children
My six grandchildren
The pleasure and entertainment that our dogs and cats provide
The unconditional love of the above
Family photographs that evoke memories
The smell of freshly baked bread in my kitchen
The rich smell of coffee even though I dislike the taste
Walking in the fresh air whatever the weather
The changing weather in these British Isles that makes each day different
Trees, flowers - all growing things
Bees, butterflies, birds, frogs, newts, dragonflies and demoiselles
Health and strength which I try not to take for granted
Safety and security
Sufficient food


  1. Stopped in here for a bit today. Enjoyed your list here in this post & poking around a bit too. You have some lovely photos here, birds, dogs!

    Thank you for your comment at my end. I know what you mean when you say "profound impact". That movie had that effect on me as well.

  2. You had a great list, too. This was fun.



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