Saturday 5 March 2011

Book Blurb Friday #1

Lisa from 'Writing in the Buff' has launched Book Blurb Friday. Why not take a look and read what other bloggers have written to the prompt? Yes, I know it's Saturday, but events overtook me yesterday . . . (excuses, excuses!!)

Photo copyright Christina Claro
I could call it 'Casablanca' I suppose . . . but I think I'll give it another title - Moroccan Mystery (I prefer Casablanca!!)

Desperate to find her twin sister who has disappeared while working in Casablanca, Willow Banks travels to Morocco to trace Delphine’s last known movements. There she meets the owner of her sister’s rented flat. 

Though Jeff is friendly and attractive there are things about him that trouble Willow. Why has he got Delphine’s car keys? Why is he reluctant to introduce Willow to her sister’s group of friends? He says he’s never been to Delphine’s place of work and yet when she arrives to interview the manager she sees him nearby with two girls. His explanations are plausible and despite her misgivings Willow feels an attraction to him. 

Before long she finds herself succumbing to his charms. Meanwhile, a mysterious message purporting to be from Delphine leads her into strange and unexpected territory. Is she walking into danger? What sort of life has Delphine been leading?

(146 words without the title)


  1. Mystery, romance and suspense...yum! I'd like a skinny vanilla latte, please, to sip while I curl up to read! Thanks for playing!

  2. Wow! This is great! I'm having such fun reading everyone's different blurbs! Thanks for stopping and commenting on mine, too...especially since you had a bit of trouble getting to me. (I think that Mr. Linky is repaired, now!) Great job!

  3. Janice---I guess fellow procrastinators are...late together. (I just posted my story this morning as well, quite past the idea of "Friday" Book Blurb.)

    I loved that you were able to include so many questions for the reader, given the word limit. Questions get the reader engaged. Well done!

  4. OOoh I love the sound of this :O)

  5. I loved the sense of mystery and intrigue you created in the blurb. It promises a very well written book.

    When is publishing date?!!


  6. I don't know what kind of life Delphine has been leading, but it sounds a lot more exciting than mine!

  7. Excellent, Janice! Your plot has everything!
    I felt that eye looking at me from my desktop all week, but I was completely uninspired by it. I'm going to try again next week, and hope I can come up with at least one blurb before we start traveling again.
    -- K
    PS - my verification word is "hotopess" which, to me, screams "hot off the press"!!

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  8. This project is great fun. Especially for those of us who get to do all the reading.

  9. Oh I like this! Mystery with a hint of romance... A must read!

  10. Wow! This is a book wiating to be written. Mytsery and romance,certainly a best seller. I signed ont o follow you, please sign on to follow me.

  11. Like everyone else that I've read, your blurb is just as creative and everyone needs to write the book!

  12. Ooo...mystery, intrigue, romance and danger. Loved it!

  13. Great story. I'd like to read the rest of it!

  14. It sounds like one of the novels Mary Stewart does so well - brilliant.


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