Tuesday 8 March 2011

Tweeting sweetly like a bird . . . or not!

Although I wouldn’t describe myself as a Luddite I have to admit that I do take a little while to adapt to different ways of communicating. For instance, Susannah, my middle daughter, persuaded me to join Facebook, which I did – and then my Facebook account remained dormant for around a year before I finally decided to ‘tackle it’!

You see, I think that’s the problem – I tend to regard any new venture as an obstacle course that I must somehow navigate if I am to reach Nirvana – or just simply other people. Actually, I’m just slow on the uptake. You should have seen me with Sudoku – (I know it’s nothing to do with connecting with the outside world but it’s a way of illustrating my protracted familiarisation) cheating didn’t come anywhere near describing my antics but now? I’m the Sudoku queen - and before anyone suggests it, I don’t accept challenges. As my son says, I’m not competitive but I am determined.

In my usual irritating proselytising way, having conquered Facebook I invited all and sundry to join me, as if Facebook hadn’t enough members chirping away about nothing much in particular. Actually, it is a good way to keep in touch with far-flung family – or should that be family in far-flung places? It also provides a forum for people with particular interests or concerns. For example, I am in touch with a number of people whose dogs suffer from epilepsy. The members all know how distressing it is when our pets have seizures and we support and console each other.

Anyway, today, after a lapse of about a year (does it really take me a year to think about things? Apparently so!) I decided to embark upon tweeting. It’s not quite the earth-shattering individuality of ‘Got up. Had breakfast,’ but it’s not far off. Again, it was Susannah who encouraged me to open a Twitter account. 

So now – I sit back and wait? I’m already following a few people and organisations. Why on earth I’m doing it I do not know; I can barely keep up with blogging and frequently miss posts I know I would have enjoyed and commented on if I’d seen them at the time they were written.

Do any of you tweet? What do you tweet about?


  1. I just can not get away with twitter! Yes I have an account but rarely do much with it to be honest. I still enjoy my blog the most - FB is OK but nothing like the integrity and closeness of my blogging friends and the visits we all make. Dxx

  2. Hello Janice, I do not 'tweet' or 'twitter'.Well, not via my PC, although I am sure I tweet and twitter at John from time to time! I find Facebook a good way of keeping up to date on the latest 'goings on' even if I just sit here, out of sight, but observing! Whatever happened to the art of REAL conversation? Hugs Sylvia (John and Jack)

  3. No tweeting from me and I rarely post anything to facebook. I do look, though to see what nieces and nephews are up to.
    Neither of my boys tweet or facebook, they prefer the phone or an occasional e-mail.

  4. Nope, no tweeting for me. I've had my Facebook account for a couple of years and still don't enjoy it all that much. It's too "shallow" for me... too brief. It's more like a "Hi there" sort of thing and not the place to really talk. I guess I still prefer my blogging.

  5. I tweeted, momentarily, until I was the topic of local abuse by people who believed I'd let my ego get the best of me.

    Now the only thing I tweet is the URL to my latest blog post. I figure that's enough out of me!


  6. I have had a Facebook account for a couple of years now (and somehow you are included!). Apologies for not being very social on it! Tweeting doesn't appeal to me at all, but I suppose there is a use for it: with so many new ideas about for communicating, there is
    something for everyone. I like the centered feeling of
    blogging and that, in its way, demands more time that
    can be devoted to creatively making much in little!

  7. Interesting responses from you all. I really don't know if I will stick with it. I do agree that blogging is much more satisfying and wonder how much of import can be said in so few words - but then I'm quite loquacious - in writing, anyway;-)

  8. I don't tweet. I started out on Facebook and met some great people, but I felt there wasn't much to talk about. I did go on some discussion pages, but people would sometimes get nasty.
    I much prefer blogging, where I can really get to know people and where people share their talents.

  9. Wow! Interesting post. And it's doubly interesting because I just read an article about where Luddite comes from (Smithsonian's current issue.)

    Anyway, I like Facebook for its ability to facilitate connections (ie planning old school reunions, getting the word out about poetry, etc.) I don't trust it, but I like it.

    As for Twitter, I have an account which I read, but seldom 'tweet'. Maybe I should start doing so?

    Finally - I'm sorry your dog is an epileptic. I hope the pup stays as healthy as possible. ☼

  10. I do remember having a twitter account(!!!) n sometimes blabber on facebook but yes, I am quite addicted to blogging.
    In fact,ever since I started blogging and got to know the pleasures of everything it brings...sincere friends, self satisfaction of publishing your work without having to wait for harpar collins to approve,indulge in some narcissism(did i get the spelling right?), share some genuine love n concern n also learn a LOT about other places n people...I somehow feel 'facebooking n twittering' are just shorthand, staccato speech!
    And it certainly kills blogging time that is so precious n just too desirable to be given up for..well...lesser pleasures.
    Nevertheless, i am going right now to facebook n requesting your friendship!!
    As for twitter, i have lost the password!

  11. I was so taken in by this discussion about twitter, I forgot to tell u ..Thanks so much for your wishes on my birthday.
    I was missing my father n while going through some old snaps, came up with that one I'd posted. I rather like it myself n was glad u liked it too.

  12. Ha ha-I am the same-I remember when mobile phones started and saying 'I don't need a mobile'-then 'I don't need the internet' I am slightly more accepting and adventurous now I think. I am on facebook, hen came off as it was filled with people who were work colleagues and not really friends and I didn't want them seeing pictures of me in the pub etc posted by other people-infact that is why I don't like it really as people can do that. Now I am on it again but don't use it and have three friends! I went on Twitter for about three days then off again thinking 'why?' I sometimes think of going back and putting thoughts about my teaching day-but they would not always be nice and I don't want to lose my job! I joined tumblr the other day but don't really get it! Another dormant account-oh-and then there is myspace! Oh dear! Good luck with your twittering!

  13. I do a little tweeting.. mostly about the birds I am seeing. Most of my followers and people I follow are also birders. So we have a lot of birds in common. LOL!

  14. Mummy started to tweet. Then stopped. Then had another go. Then stopped again. She says she likes Facebook better - and blogging of course. She says the thing she likes about tweeting is being nosey as some famous people. Hmmmm, Think I should get a tweety account then hee he :)xx

  15. I got into this facebook thing because of my son ! I had to become member to see his photos !
    Suddenly hundres of people wanted to become my friend ! I turned it private and go there once in a blue moon. But there was two things very positive ! A Finish friend who had lived in Waterloo and lost my address found me through Facebook and the daughter of the one and only cousin of Mr.G from Italy !! I also got into contact with friends of my son who now, proudly showed me their children ! that was really cute. They had never forgotten my birthday parties, lol ! One is living also in Finland and one in Canada. So Facebook has its pro and cons !
    At least we are modern women and not old grandmas !!

  16. I ended up deleting my account and Facebook I've avoided completely. I didn't feel tweeting was getting me anywhere, but then I rarely use my mobile phone these days, so I probably am a Luddite.

  17. Oh, I may be a Luddite too. I have a Facebook account but NEVER go there. And I cannot imagine being on Twitter. But you never know...it cou;d happen. :)

  18. I really enjoyed this post! What seems so easy to young people can prove a challenge to those like me who are past our first bloom of youth. I did a similar post last month about my Kobob eReader, which I have come to enjoy...and am on Facebook but do not tweet. I'm definitely a fan of blogging and other social media sites, but find they offer stress as well as enjoyment...how does one keep up to date with comments, replies and emails!?! I always feel a step or two behind.

    Do keep us posted on how the tweeting goes, and have great fun with it...:)

    Imagination Lane


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