Friday 25 March 2011

A dancing woodpigeon?

I’ve just spotted the lame woodpigeon on the bridge over the pond. I first saw her (I don’t know the gender, obviously, since males and females dress alike, but to me this bird is a female) a couple of days ago, hobbling across the gymnasium roof. She can fly perfectly well and she’s not limping heavily. She’s eating and drinking, preening and courting, so I think she will survive.

I know how she hurt her foot – or is it her leg? I know, because I did the same thing so next New Year’s Eve she and I will resist the urge to dance in high heels – well, all right, I’ll resist the high heels! I mean, a woodpigeon in high heels – whatever next? 

Dancing the night away is wonderful, being transported in the moment, not thinking of the morrow – we’re too old  wise for all that, Mrs Woodpigeon and me.


  1. Good move. I gave those dang heels up years ago.

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  2. Woodpigeon looks like she is sizing you up too! I love her color. I hope both your feetsies are good now.

  3. Is that really a live pigeon? It's so cool.

  4. I'm glad that both you and the wood pigeon are doing OK. Be safe.


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