Tuesday 22 March 2011

Saturday Centus #46

Jenny Matlock hosts Saturday Centus. Thank you! J

Her challenge to participants is to use the prompt and up to 100 more words to produce a 
piece of writing in any style. Click here to read more and perhaps be inspired to join in. 

The prompt is in red italics. I have deliberately used clichés!

The audience held its collective breath, a pulse beating rapidly in every throat. You could have cut the atmosphere with a knife. The music reached a crescendo and the curtain parted .

There was an audible intake of breath as a tiny figure stepped into the limelight. Was this her? She seemed smaller in real life. She stepped up to the microphone, looked nervously at her public, opening and closing her mouth like a fish out of water.

‘Ladies and gentlemen,’ she quavered. ‘I’m afraid our star is indisposed and unable to appear tonight.’

The audience groaned, disappointment etched on every face.
(99 words, not counting the prompt)


  1. Fun way to go with this, including the cliches.


  2. Very good job !

    So often now, this seems to happen live in concert and lots of money/time have been spent planning only to have one's bubble burst !

  3. Well done! Love the way you built the anticipation. The little twist at the end was great - you could actually feel the audience deflating like a balloon! Nice use of the prompt. Kat

  4. This is such a clever use of these clichés, and you hooked the reader into the twist at the end. Like Kat, I could feel the crowd deflate.


  5. oh no the bearer of bad news is the worst job of all isnt it! i could feel the audiences irritation!

  6. Wow! What disappointed anticipation. Well done!

  7. Clever, clever use of cliches! I really like the anticipation that you built so deftly in just a few short words!

    And the big let down you surprised us with at the end.

    This was wonderful.


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