Thursday 10 March 2011

Magpie Tales #56 Perfection!

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Image copyright Tess Kincaid
As he came into the room she wondered again at the sheer pleasure she derived from his company. After so many years she had thought the feeling of joy might have diminished but each time she saw him her delight in him was renewed.

She loved to watch him though she did not allow him to see that she followed his every movement. He didn’t enjoy being scrutinised. He was tall and slim, long-legged and broad-shouldered. His clever hands manipulated tools with a skill she had never acquired - everything he did was accomplished gracefully.

She looked at his dark eyes, so expressive, incapable of hiding his feelings. His skin was clear and unblemished, the cheek bones prominent, his nose straight above a well-defined mouth. He was so  . . . perfect! She laughed and chided herself for indulging such a banal thought.

She wondered why she had been so blessed. Nothing had prepared her for the rush of love she experienced every time they met again, even after a short separation. Little pained her as much as waving him goodbye every morning and only the knowledge that he would return each evening alleviated her sense of loss. She had never doubted he would always come back – after all, where else could he go?

He came over, put his hand on her knee and reached up to kiss her. As he drew nearer she reeled back in disgust. Garlic! Not for the first time she resolved to write to the school complaining at the liberal use of this noxious vegetable. She knew all the parents felt the same, but the children said the lasagne was the best they’d ever tasted.


  1. Not yuor usual school dinners, then? :)

  2. Unexpected and just wonderful, I loved it!

  3. Nicely turned tale, Jabblog. Garlic does linger, doesn't it?

    Jinksy . . your "yuor" is inside-out, almost.

  4. Someone, somewhere, said eating a clove of garlic every day will help keep you healthy, so my husband has added it to his list of healthy things to eat every day. Sigh.
    -- K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  5. That spice appeals to the sense of taste but not of smell.

  6. A tasty twisty ending. Who would have guessed? Nicely done!!

  7. Oh how wonderful, I was so lost in your story in the best way... I forgot all about the garlic, and then it appears! wonderful story!

  8. hahahah...poor kid though! He must be wondering what just happened to his mommy!! She seemed alright so far.. :)
    But yea, garlic's for health..bit it's smell certainly does no good to the nose :)

    Enjoyed reading this one!! :)

  9. A clever twist to this tale...

  10. Yes, exactly, Tumblewords. Who would have guessed? The early description . . is extremely well done . . but is of an adult, surely? This rather diminishes the force of the twist ending.

  11. a fair twist at the end...lord knows my boys would not eat it at school, picky, picky

  12. Lasagna just wouldn't be the same without a hefty dose of garlic!

  13. OK, I'll admit got me at the end. Still a nice read though.


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