Wednesday 16 March 2011

Midweek Blues - Flying high

Thank you to Rebecca from 'The Dusty Cellar' who organises and hosts this weekly meme. Please click here to see more blues around the world.
Flying out of Heathrow . . .
. . . or perhaps in . . .
The British Airways fleet of aircraft have blue undersides so they are identifiable even if the tailplanes cannot be seen.
 Sometimes light aircraft are painted blue underneath but they're nothing to do with BA!
This one is flying from Blackbushe.


  1. Does the blue undersides make them harder to see against the blue sky?

  2. these photos are so wonderful - freedom comes to mind

    the battle story in the post above is very interesting

  3. The blue underside makes them look so beautiful against the clear blue sky. No clouds!

  4. Oh! Didnt know about the blue bellies!
    Our home in Delhi is near the International airport. I am sure I'm going to be on the lookout for those blue-bellies soon...
    I love watching flights take off..

  5. Ah, I love to fly! of course it has to do with that our families of origin live in Holland:)
    Wonder if there are any rules on how and what should be painted on an aircraft? (whether commercial or private)

  6. i love the first photo. enjoyed the blues.

    Midweek Blues

  7. I love BA's shade of blue, but I was not aware they painted them that color for a reason.

  8. If it's a blue underside, won't it blend in with the sky and make it hard to see?

  9. Nice photos of the planes. You had a good view from right underneath them.

  10. Hey, J.B, this is a nice Blue post. Also, we flew out of Heathrow one week ago going back to Texas. The skies were blue but I don't know about our plane. It was a Continental/United.

    We also took the Virgin train to Milton Keynes to visit some friends in Greens Norton, Towcester. We enjoyed our day. My "Blue post" has water (not sky) pictures from the Stowe Gardens.

  11. I actually spend an inordinate amount of time looking up at the sky and imagining the journeys these planes take, so I very much enjoyed these photos!

    I caught your comment at Alias Jinksy and have to agree with your thoughts. St. Patrick's Day is made much more of here than by the Irish themselves. I knew of no such thing as a child in true your words are that they've had other things to worry about. I'm just glad the tension has abated in the city, though it is far from gone...

    Imagination Lane


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