Tuesday 15 March 2011

My World Tuesday

It was a fine, frosty morning yesterday but as the day grew up so the sun shone warmly. Our walk was a delight - the bluest of blue skies, the sweetest of bird songs and fresh, clean air to breathe. 
The waxing gibbous moon shone palely, surprised at its eminence in the sunshine.
There are a number of new ponds in the forest. 
They were dug out recently, in the last couple of weeks, so the surrounding ground still bears the scars carved in it by the heavy diggers and has yet to recover. The mallards are quick to discover new waterways. We see these drakes every year. They usually accompany a single duck but she was nowhere to be seen.
Book ends, anyone?
Preening is important. A chap's got to look his best!
Aircraft flew high above, little sound audible in the clear atmosphere.
This one is a British Airways aircraft. How do I know? The BA fleet is the only one whose planes have blue undersides.
 Vapour trails dispersed quickly, an indication of a fine day in prospect.
There had been some logging. The smell of pine resin was quite intoxicating.
Strange fruit in a Scots Pine. Can you see it?
Have a closer look . . . No?
There, now! It looks like an apple or maybe an orange. Odd! 
I wasn't with Barry on the day this fruit 'ripened'. 
 It is usually to be seen in a Labrador's mouth. 
Yes, it's a Kong - the orange thing, not Gus!
The one in the tree? Barry threw it rather enthusiastically and it caught in the branches. So it hangs, being tested by the elements. I wonder how long it will remain there. The Labradors are clever and persistent but tree climbing is not one of their skills - not to twenty feet, anyway.
This is the retrieval ground to which they are accustomed . . . 
 . . . or this, though this is not strictly 'ground'!

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  1. I love walks in the woods! All great photos, your camera has a terrific zoom lens. I knew that couldn't be fruit. LOL Love the duck book ends.

  2. What a joyous day! Nothing beats blue skies, sunshine and Kong-loving dogs.

  3. What a glorious visit to your world. Such lovely images...the jet trails seemed so poingnant to me...and the happy dogs.

    Thanks for letting us tag along.

  4. a wonderful walk!
    I love the book ends
    and the plane with its trails
    and sweet Gus :)

  5. what a nice post- I loved taking a walk with you! I expect the wind will eventually blow the dog toy out of the tree!!!
    and thanks for your nice comments on my blog!

  6. I enjoyed this walk through your world since it is currently raining on mine.

  7. Wonderful shots. Fantastic variety.

  8. Wonderful hike and photos. Thanks for being my hiking guide ;-)

  9. What a beautiful,beautiful countryside:)

    And I'd like those bookends, Please?
    2 pairs if possible ;)

  10. Mallards are my favorite ducks. Their are two that visit a local neighborhood pond annually and make a nest there. I look forward to their return.

  11. Hi there, I have also joined My World today.
    There are two many gorgeous areas in the UK to keep them hidden, as your photos prove.


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