Sunday 13 March 2011

Saturday Centus #45

Jenny Matlock hosts this weekly meme. Thank you! J

Her challenge to participants is to use the prompt and up to 100 more words to produce a piece of writing in any style. Click here to read more and perhaps be inspired to join in! The prompt is in red italics.

He had never been accused of being intelligent . . . yet everywhere he went cameras flashed in his face. He was quoted on every subject though his remarks were rarely original.

Everyone said that his unassuming manner was what they liked about him. How had he come to such prominence? He thought it might be something to do with inheriting a colossal fortune and a major shareholding in one of the most successful global businesses. 

He wondered if he should study the market before his first board meeting. Accordingly, he drove to the nearest street market and watched the stallholders all day. 

He learnt nothing, but then he had never been accused of being intelligent . . .


  1. Brilliant! So clever and soo funny, well done! :o)

  2. This was a fun use of the prompt. It reminded me of the Peter Seller's movie "Being There" I really enjoyed this! Kat

  3. Ooh, I liked this one! Great stuff!

  4. Oh, so funny, Janice! Studying stallholders in a street market. I love it.
    -- K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  5. LOL! This is so well written, and the twist at the end is perfect! You are really good at this. As the old saying goes, Seldom right but never it doubt."


  6. In my case, no teacher ever accused me for that !

  7. Good story. Funny how we idolize wealthy people, photograph and quote them, just because they happen to be wealthy. Admiring intelligence instead would make a lot more sense.

  8. LOL! oh i did indeed laugh! that was a wonderful little bit!

  9. I actually know people like that! Poor souls for sure. This was a great take on the prompt and very, very original! Brava!

  10. Well written indeed. This was also an interesting direction to take the prompt. This guy sounds like someone I used to work for..."cocky son # 1" took over the family business when the parents were too frail to continue on with it. Totally clueless...

  11. I liked it.

    And, sadly, I think we have more than a few of him out there...


  12. I like the truth in this writing. Somehow so many people equate money with brilliance...definitely not always the case.

    This made me laugh AND think!

    Great gem of a story.


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