Monday 8 August 2011

Maffick Monday #8 What if everyone wore diamonds?

Thanks to Alicia for this prompt.

I wrote this little verse for my daughter-in-law who was finding some of the mothers at her daughter's school rather trying. 

It is still considered rather pretentious to wear diamonds, other than a ring or a discreet brooch,  during the day.

Advice for nouveau riche . . .

Never wear diamonds in daylight -
It’s frightfully common you know,
Never wear diamonds in daylight –
It’s far too obvious a show.

Keep your diamonds for evening –
That’s when they sparkle the best!
A diamond ring on your finger
Suffices for daytime dress.


  1. I really liked this, especially knowing the history behind it!

  2. I like it and wouldn't mind seeing it become well-known!


  3. As an old rich, I wear fake diamonds during day and night and keep the real once in a bank safe. I don't want my finger to be cut off. (I agree, I am not very romantic, lol )

  4. Chance would be a fine thing!

  5. Love the advice for the nouveau riche! I hope some WAGs are reading this right now...

  6. This reminds me of Marissa's mom on The O.C and other such shows (the few I watch are my guilty pleasure, I admit) where the nouveau riche dress rather garishly. Nicely done and thank you for contributting.

  7. What a delightful poem, I know a couple of ladies who could benefit from it's wisdom.

  8. I love sparkly rings, and diamonds are definitely top of the list! I don't think I've ever been anywhere posh enough to wear any other diamonds, even if I had some! LOL Loved the fun advice in your poem...


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