Monday 15 August 2011

New shoes!

Kay’s husband thought that she needed new running shoes and found some really good ones on sale. Hers are Asics Gel-Cumulus 13 and she's learning to bounce without a trampoline. 

Similarly, Barry decided it was time I replaced my old Nike Air shoes which have done sterling service and walked many miles during the past several years. He found some on sale on the internet – an update to the ones he’s had for a couple of years, so he bought a pair for each of us. ‘We don’t usually go in for the ‘His and Hers’ look but I’m sure we’ll survive.

Our shoes arrived this morning and I’ve been wearing mine all day. I realise now how little support my Nikes have been giving me recently. I feel extraordinarily stable – physically, anyway. I haven’t yet found anything to balance my mental state!
These are my old, well-worn Nikes.
These are my new Salomon Exit Peak shoes; they haven’t been exposed to the elements yet, at least not in the forest.

I must say Kay’s shoes are much prettier than mine!


  1. May you go on to walk many more miles together....!!
    But white? Shouldn't you also ask Barry for a stain remover?

    Thanks for the birthday wishes...

    It is so good to be able to come and read your blog:)

  2. Geez you're into some serious walking

  3. They look very nice Janice, I'm going to be shoe hunting too soon.

  4. Very impressive! You're making me realize how badly I need to replace mine. I could use a little stability...of any variety.

  5. I like your new ones!
    There is nothing better than a new pair of walking shoes to put back the bounce in one's step.

    Wearing a pair for too long is not good for the feet, back or the body in general.

  6. Now you've done it, gone and inspired me to put on my sneakers and take a walk. Thanks :)

  7. Now you've done it, gone and inspired me to lace up my sneakers and take a walk this evening. Thanks :)

  8. It always amazes me when I get new trainers and realise how bad the old ones had become, and wonder how I managed to walk in them! Happy hiking!

  9. New shoes!

    You'll run faster and jump higher.



  10. Wow ! your old Nikes are really ready to join the bin ! The new once are very chic ! I conclude that you are as much a shoe fan as I am, you can walk 20 years in slippers besides me and I wouldn't even notice. I only buy shoes when it is absolutely necessary.
    If you want to do a sightseeing through Oxford it's posted now ! Finally ! What a work ! half of the buildings I didn't remember what it was and had to google !

  11. Oooh... pretty! I really need to get a new pair of runners. Mine are falling apart!

  12. I hate new shoes. It takes me a good year to break a pair in. My current pair of all-around shoes is midway into its second.

  13. They look like they'll carry you a lot of miles, but they may not be so pretty after a few hikes in the woods.

  14. Well HELLO...must be something in the air! I just purchased my first new pair of running shoes in two years. As these are the shoes I usually LIVE in it was way over do. I'm excited to say they have yellow laces and soles so I feel like they are my new Happy Feet.


  15. Sore eye or no, I just had to stop by and see your new shoes. Thank you so much for your link, Janice. Actually I really like your shoe color better. I thought my shoes were a bit too loud. I wanted something more subtle and stylish like yours.

    And wouldn't you know it? Our zumba teacher said running shoes aren't good for zumba. Ah well... I still like how they feel a whole lot.


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