Tuesday 9 August 2011

HRH Prince Rupert

We are going up in the world. We have Royalty coming to stay. I never imagined that would ever happen. Not only is he honouring us with his presence, he is bringing his brother with him. We have much to prepare. We know we will be very busy, particularly at the beginning.

‘Is he British Royalty?’ I hear you ask. ‘The name seems unfamiliar. Is he a scion of one of the lesser branches of the Windsor dynasty?’

No, he isn’t. I don’t think you’d know his family. His father’s known as Charlie and his mother’s name is Keira. They make a very handsome couple and he and his brother have inherited their good looks. He has five other brothers and two sisters, all very similar in appearance. Yes, it is a large family - quite unusual for these days.

What’s that? You’d like to see a photograph of him. Yes, I have a couple of photos and even a video that you might enjoy.

Here you are.
Here he is with his brothers and sisters - can't really tell which one he is!
Prince Rupert, aka Bertie, and Buster - not sure which is which! Buster will be joining Tia and Foxy in Dorset. He and Bertie are Foxy's nephews.


  1. How adorable! Love the photos and the video. Can't wait to see the ones of their arrival.

  2. They look really cute


  3. Oh Jabblog -- 'you really got ME going' -- I need to come over and visit those puppies RIGHT NOW!!

  4. Awww! They're so cute I can't stand it!

  5. Indeed the last Royal with a lot of kids was Queen Victoria, so it's right it's really special !
    They are too cute ! Are they going to stay with you ?? I mean the two once ? Or only as guests ?
    Today it's just a week ago we met (can't believe it) and it was so hot. And now I am sitting here in a thick pullover !

  6. I rather like the sound of your royalty. Swap?

  7. They are so cute. It sounds like Prince Rupert will be staying, I can't wait to here more about your royal pup.

  8. Just popped over from Raindrops & Daisies and saw your gorgeous photos.

    What a lovely post and beautiful photos of the pups.

    Prince Rupert is adorable!

    I like your blog and will follow.


  9. Oops tried to follow but my connection went!

    Am following now!

    Fiona @Raindrops & Daisies

  10. Oh, Janice, how wonderful. I love puppies at that age. You just made my day.
    We arrived in St. Petersburg yesterday and I'm not feeling up to the 5-hour Hermitage tour today, but am hoping to go to the ballet today.
    Meanwhile, puppies are SO cheering.
    -- K

  11. Now THAT's what I call CUTE! I want one.


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