Tuesday 9 August 2011

That’s My World Bradford Leigh

At the weekend we went to Bradford Leigh, a hamlet close to Bradford-on-Avon, and met up with Gillian and Gareth and their families. While they camped in tents, Barry and I used our caravan.
Gareth and Nina's tent for five
Paul and Gillian's tent for five - their children are all teenagers and need more room!

The site was ideal for children and dogs – a large field with plenty of room for young two and four-leggers to chase and play.
The dogs found many interesting sniffs in the hedge bottoms.
Although it was a hazy day we could see the White Horse at Westbury far in the distance.

Barry and Paul stayed with the exhausted dogs on Saturday while the rest of us went into Bath.
Pulteney Bridge, Weir and Sluice
Pulteney Weir and Sluice, part of the Bath flood protection scheme
We had a thoroughly enjoyable weekend and are already thinking about our next joint expedition when hopefully Susannah and Bethan will be able to join us.

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  1. I have heard already and seen pictures of the White Horse but didn't remember where it was, it made me think of the "Long Man". Seeing you dressed like that it must have been cool, at least cooler than last week. When I think it was so hot just a week ago in Oxford. Bath must also be a beautiful town. I like the picture with all the doggies around you !

  2. Looks like great fun! Love the sluice shots.

  3. Such a delightful weekend. And it's wonderful that the dogs could go too!

  4. What a great place to camp and explore.

  5. The area is gorgeous, I must come and revisit. But I won't be camping, I'm far too old to e happy in a tent. I want a duvet and a bathroom and an easy chair with a glass perched on the arm.

  6. thanks for your comment on my post - love the variety of photos but 'camping' is not for me!! lol

  7. Looks like a nice place to visit!

  8. The countryside is beautiful, it looks like a great place to camp. I really like the White Horse.

  9. Hi there - you may find this hard to believe (and I reality I do too!) but I used to roll down the slope that the white horse we cut into when I was a kid! I was about the biggest thrill I could get as a kid! And I used to fish just near the weir! Ah - childhood!

    Thanks - Stewart M - Australia


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