Wednesday 31 August 2011

Bertie and the cat litter

Bertie is thinking. Earlier on he discovered the (clean) cat litter and decided to investigate it more thoroughly.
First he tried eating it but it wasn’t very tasty and he spat it out.
Then he sat in it and thought it quite warm and comfortable but a little noisy for sleeping; the granules made a crunchy noise when he moved, so he jumped out.
Finally, he hopped into it and peed. Now he’s a confused puppy – is he a dog or a cat?
Bertie thinks: Maybe if I have a little snooze the answer will come to me!


  1. He's wonderful, Janice, peeing in the cat litter! I've never had a puppy who did that. I used to wish pups could be litter-trained as easily as cats, and here Brilliant Bertie figured it out for himself.
    Give him a hug for me, and tell him I'd love to pick him up and cuddle him but by the time I get to England he'll be too big to lift.
    My best friend is in the process of moving to England. Her husband is already there, getting their cats established in their narrow boat in Yelvertoft, and she's finishing up the last-minute details in BC, so I'm sure I'll be over there soon, with or without my husband.
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  2. How lucky that he peed in the cat litter box. Maybe he will keep it up!

  3. Adorable pictures! Give him a cuddle from me. :-)

  4. I so enjoy reading poems about your new pup. No greater gift!

  5. They have special mats over here which you can put in the garage (the garage being attached to the house) which dogs use like kitti-litter. Useful for in the garden too I suppose. Poor Bertie looks thoroughly confused.

  6. Hmm I have a friend how is training her puppy to go on a puppy pad? Sounds yucky to me but to each his own. Bertie, I love you!


  7. Pee pads are appearing in pet supply stores in UK now. I suppose they're useful for people living in flats (apartments) or who are out of the house for extended periods but I can't see them being used in our house.
    I think the use of the cat litter box was a one off! Years ago I tried training Jack Russell puppies to use cat litter - they just got in and scattered it all over the place.

  8. Bertie is not only adorable he is very smart. If cats can do it why can't he. Maybe he will make the litter box a habit. But I can understand his confusion.

  9. Hahaha ! a cat-dog ! Would be easy for you when he starts to use the litter box !


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