Thursday 1 September 2011

World Wide Web

Flamblogger’s rant today reminded me of something that irritated me yesterday. It was reported in the news that more than 70% of people in UK used or were connected to the internet. Other sources say that percentage is greater than 80%.

The percentages are not really important, at least not to me. The report seemed to suggest that those who were not using the internet were being deprived in some way. I agree that there are some poorer families who might like to access the World Wide Web but what really incensed me was the implication that everyone should be encouraged to embrace the technology. Does it never occur to enthusiastic advocates that some people are perfectly happy with their lives and do not see the need to tackle something new? There is a sort of technophile blindness that afflicts these campaigners.

A similar approach to other issues could be engaged:

Around 70% of people in UK are football fans. Let’s encourage the rest to realise what they’re missing! (Please, no!)

20% of people in UK eat out at least once a week. Come on, the rest of you – get your skates on and hurry to your nearest restaurant. (I like to eat at home and know what has been used in the preparation of my food.)

Of course it is good to attempt something different and oftentimes a new interest is discovered and becomes an all-encompassing passion. Other forays into the unknown merely encourage the adventurer back to familiar pastures.

Why is there a requirement for us all to mirror each other? What happened to individuality? Why must we be sheep – surely there’s room for a few goats, too.


  1. Did they really imply people who don't use the internet are deprived in some way? Lots of people love to garden, fish, cook, bake, read library books, walk, run, ride bicycles, do crossword puzzles, sew, play music... well, of course, the list goes on and on.
    I love to have internet access, but that's just me.
    Now I must go move the sprinklers before our garden guy gets here.
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  2. I agree that internet is very practical, but I don't like if I am forced to use it ! For example now if you buy your train ticket "online" it is cheaper than at the station. That's not right for those who can't use a computer or don't have any. That's the same with online banking, you get more interest, and there are lots of other examples. It's just unfair.

  3. Good points. Techies seem to believe that everyone should embrace technology, for someone to chose not to do so is beyond their understanding.

    I really like your comparison to football.

  4. It's subtle marketing pressure, says she cynically.

  5. Well, I think everyone will be forced to use the internet in the future. In some schools here, students are 'given' IPads (experimental).

    In another school, parents are directed to read children stories on the internet rather than having the child bring a book home to read to parents. There seems no consideration in this school for people who cannot afford a computer/internet connection. I suppose they HAVE to go to the library.

  6. I like your comparisons to football and eating out.

    And to the sheeps and the goats. Or, in my ice-cream loving case, vanilla to spumoni. We don't all have to be one flavor!

  7. Thank you, everyone:-)
    @Francisca:- I wouldn't have expected anything less from you;-)

  8. Baaaah Baaaaaah !

    That's my goat impersonation, in case the subtlety of my bleating is mistaken for a common old sheep! LOL


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