Wednesday, 21 September 2011

ABC Wednesday J is for . . .

Jonquil (Narcissus jonquilla) in April
Jasmine (Jasminum beesianum) 
This jasmine flowers profusely in June, July and August and is very attractive to bees and other insects. Its sweet smell wafts on warm breezes and combines with honeysuckle and roses to create an intoxicating scent. The flowers are tiny and are succeeded by shiny black berries.
Juvenile robin in June. The trademark red breast is just beginning to develop colour.
Jackdaw (Corvus monedula) aka Eurasian Jackdaw, European Jackdaw or Western Jackdaw – sometimes just known as Jack and named for its harsh ‘tchack’ call.
This year a family of four visited our bird table for many consecutive days to feed on ham fat and dry bread – a feast indeed! Jackdaws are opportunistic feeders and are known to steal eggs and bright, shiny objects. Hand-reared birds are friendly and will not fly off with wild jackdaws.
Landing or taking off?
Jay (Garrulus glandarius) Magpies are handsome but Jays are pretty.
There are many jays in the forest but occasionally we have one visit our garden to feed from the feeders or to probe for insects in the grass.

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  1. Oh, that first Jackdaw picture is phenomenal.

  2. Thanks for sharing these great bird photos --the Jackdaw reminds me of our Grackles, with their 'white' eyes.
    Our feeders are seeing less and less traffic, mostly Chickadees and the steadfast Mourning Dove pair.

  3. Pretty jays, for sure, but the others are lovely too.
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  4. Gorgeous photos! Love the vibrant colours.

  5. Love your bird pictures ! I don't know what happens but I only see magpies, sperlings and crows in our garden ! It's a long time I haven't seen a robin or another little bird. There is also less chirping around in the morning.

  6. Your pictures remind me that I've let my Canon gather dust for too long :)

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  7. I really like that one shot of the Jackdaw with its wings splayed. in this still shot it is almost as if he is catching some rays!

  8. Wonderful series of shots. The birds are all amazing, and I can almost smell the jasmine.

  9. I love the photographs they are really lovely.

  10. A lively garden with many visitors dropping in!! The voluntary movement of the fauna is enviable!!

  11. The baby robin is a delight, and the jackdaw with lunch in its mouth is great fun. Your jay is so different from ours: the pattern on the wing is so pretty. I love the jonquils and jasmine, can almost smell the jasmine.
    Wonderful J things, Janice!
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  12. You have done great justice to the Jays and Jackdaws in your photos!
    ABC Wednesday Team

  13. Wow! Love all your Js! Great captures of the birds!
    Thanks for sharing;o)

    Have a nice and happy day****

  14. Beautiful shots and a nice recap of our spring and summer.

  15. Ooh, so pretty :)

  16. Love these photos. The flowers are gorgeous!
    ABC Wed

  17. I already follow, please follow back ..

  18. Amazing pictures. Thanks for this post!

  19. Great J post. The photo of the Jackdaw with it's wings spread is fantastic. I love the markings on the Jay.

  20. I love your J's.

    My ABC entry, please come and see. Thanks!

  21. You must have an amazing garden. Love the jonquils. They are quite different from the ones we have here which look more like daffodils.

  22. Beautiful photographs. Didn't realize there were so many lovely "J" words.

    Tossing It Out

  23. I was looking for some wiki-wisdom about those rare creatures "jabblog" (also in the singular)

  24. Beautiful flowers, I can almost smell the jasmine. I love that shot of the jackdaw with his wings spread.

    As Kay said, your jays look so different from ours. They are much prettier than our Magpies.

  25. What gorgeous flowers! The birds are charming too.

  26. We have quite a bit of white star jasmine in our back garden. It has a very strong perfume particularly in the evening and it is the first thing I remember from when we first moved into this house 38 years ago. It was June and the Jasmine was in full bloom. It will always remind me of this house. Wish we had English robins round here.


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