Tuesday 6 September 2011

Winston’s September 2011 blog

Winston here . . . p’rrrrr . . . p’rrrrr

Oh, my fur and whiskers, I hardly know where to start. It’s been sooooo busy round here that my head is spinning.

Now, I’m a relaxed sort of a chap, don’tcha know, but sometimes the Humans really try my pashens. I didn’t mind Tia and Foxy coming to stay, with or without their Humans. It’s nice to have someone who looks a bit like me, colour-wise, and Foxy don’t bother me much.

I didn’t mind toooo much when the Humans and the dogs went off for a couple of days leaving me in charge of the house. They bought me a special feeder what calls to me when it’s time to eat. 
I had a lot of fun trying to break into it, I can tell you. 
They give me some nice chicken wings before they left and they was only away for four feeds. I was a bit lonely, ‘cos I like cuddling with my Humans, specially at night, but they left the radio on for me, and some lights, and I had their bed all to myself – it was smashing. When they come back I was ever so pleased to see them.

Then things settled down a bit. Mr H went off for a few days and it was just Mrs H and us animals – including Tia and Foxy - in the house. It was ever so quiet!

Now, I’m used to Tia and Foxy coming and going but when some of the Humans went off for the day and left the younger Humans in charge of us animals I wondered what was going on. They was gone for HOURS and when they come back they had two noisy, squirmy things what looked the same colour as Foxy, and then suddenly I knew – buppies! Gus was a buppy once and he’s all grown up now, but TWO buppies – what was my Humans thinking of? That’s what I mean – I’m a friendly chap and I take everything in my stride but sometimes they take advantage of me, don’tcha know.
I hear Bertie but I don't always look. He is very noisy sometimes.
Then Gillian and her Humans went off with Tia and Foxy and one of the buppies and then two days later they come back again! My stars, I didn’t know what was going on. Then off they went again – I thought they’d come back for the one what was staying here, but NO! They left it here. It’s called Bertie and it’s a he. The one what lives with Tia and Foxy is Bertie’s brother and he’s called Buster.

Bertie’s still smaller than me though he has grown a lot. His legs have straightened out and he’s always eating. That’s all right, though, ‘cos I can get my paw through his pen to scoop out some of his biscuits. Yummy!! The big dogs like them, too. Bertie comes out to play and then he goes back into his buppy pen to eat and sleep ‘cos he’s safe there. He’s got another buppy pen upstairs what’s smaller and he sleeps in that when we all go to bed.

At the weekend the little Humans come to see Bertie. The big dogs was ever so excited to see the little Humans again. Louis made a big fuss of me ‘cos he really likes me.

The big dogs are getting used to Bertie and want to play with him. Yesterday, Mr and Mrs H took the buppy out for a little while and when they come back we all knew the smell and where he’d been – the vets! The big dogs was really pleased to see him when they all come back so I think they ackcherly like him now. Bertie wants to play with me but he’s a bit rough sometimes. I batted him the other day with a closed paw but today I had to bite his ear ‘cos he was too lively. It didn’t hurt – he didn’t even squeak – but it made him stop and think.

I don’t know what’s wrong with Mrs H – she gets up in the middle of the night and takes Bertie downstairs and they go outside, even when it’s raining and the wind’s howling. I think she likes the fresh air. Brrr! I don’t fancy that! Then they come back upstairs and go back to sleep. It don’t disturb me or the dogs or Mr H but Mrs H sometimes falls asleep in the day so I don’t think it’s very good for her, don’tcha know.
I can smell food - but is it mine or is it Bertie's? 
That intruder cat's not getting any!
The intruder cat’s been sniffing around again. She makes a big fuss of the Humans and they think she’s ever so friendly. I know better! She’s after my food. Well, I can tell you, she ain’t having none of my chicken wings nor heart nor kidney nor turkey so she can think again.

That’s all I’ve got for now. Be good!



  1. Winston you have a stressful life for the moment ! Good that you have such a nice character ! I think Arthur would accept a little doggy, but Pookie and Rosie ?? they are two little bitches even with each other ! Kim doesn't care, cat or dog she loves everybody except humans !

  2. Winston, if you really can't stand it, you can emigrate to Canada and live at our house. We only have one dog, Lindy, who is very sweet and sleeps a lot. She would probably share her vegetables with you.
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  3. Oh Winston!
    You should call my Siren, the two of you can discuss stress

    Yet you're very gracious and seem to handle it all so well

    Big Hugs
    I love your eyes

  4. Winston has a lot to take in lately!

  5. He he he! Winston! Stand it cat! Can't take you at my place! My dog is very jealous and she just hates cats!

    Have a nice and happy week...and don't eat too many chicken wings****

  6. Well all that stress is a bit much Winston, I'm glad you're putting that puppy in his place - keep him under the paw!

  7. Oh my goodness Winston, you have had some very busy and stressful days lately. You should call and chat with Miss Cindi Lou. She can tell you of the trauma of having her territory invaded by six kittens. The two of you could compare stresses.

    We are glad to here you are helping to train Bertie.

  8. We had a cat way back. He was called Winston. All black, but otherwise sounds like he might have been related!

  9. Macc here er, sir Winston. I missed your post - think you published while my missus was still AWOL (with her Dog, the flighty thing). Don't know how you cope with all the goings on at yours, it's pretty quiet here, 'cept for the peacocks and the 'outside cats'. Nice to read you for a bit of distraction though, cause there was an Incident here a few days ago, and well, I'm not too popular - oops caught out got to run ...

  10. psssst Winston

    I've snuck back ... just wanted to mention that you and I are spitting, yes spitting, images of each other. I've got spots on the roof of my mouth - do you?

    Macc, (still in the er, cat house, but she's thawing)


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