Wednesday 14 September 2011

Cats and Rats

This decade is being hailed as the Age of the Brain. Viruses can alter brain activity. A recent example is the discovery that cats carry a virus that can affect rats and make the rodents cat-tolerant. In an experiment, rats were placed in a pen that had the scent of cats in one corner. The rats with the virus went towards the corner, while those unaffected stayed away.

A cat-loving rat is destined for a short feline-rodent relationship!

The virus can also affect humans but is entirely harmless unless the person has HIV, in which case it is fatal.


  1. Interesting. Insulin sprayed directly int he nostrils may have a profound effect on alzehimers, I just heard. Amazing discoveries.

  2. So nice to be back visiting your garden again - and the many interesting things to be found in it.
    Isabel xx

  3. Interesting information here!

  4. My cats would be most happy to welcome these rats into our yard.

  5. uhmmm..Cats and Rats plus doggie, sounds interesting, especially when they are playing together Woof! LOL!

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