Saturday, 7 November 2009

Six Word Saturday

It is a cold, bright morning!

This is a gift of a November day. After recent rain the sky is washed clean and fresh. We shall enjoy our walk today. Actually, we always enjoy our walks, no matter what the weather, provided we are wearing the right gear. The dogs, of course, can't change theirs.

Thank you to Cate from 'Show My Face' for hosting this meme.
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  1. Icy cold morning—
    blowing on fingernails to
    keep frost from biting...

  2. I can't wait for a cold bright morning. It is still running in the 60's and 70's here. Happy

  3. No, the dogs are stuck with what they were born with and us humans pile on the outer-gear to compensate. Each morning when I rise, no matter what the weather I consider the day to be a blessing. There is good to find in every moment all I have to do is look around...

    Have a great day!

  4. Hi JL, we too have had our rain and it is bright and sunny and warm (21°C at 10:40 AM). More rain is expected Sunday and Monday, Tropical Storm Ida is coming.
    Happy 6WS!
    I love to walk my dog Adi. Other dog, Katrin, doesn't like to walk with the leash. Jim's dog walking pictures

  5. Glad you got some sun. It's still raining here.

  6. Hi! Greetings from Casa Hice in Jacksonville, Florida! Followed you over from Cate's blog to read your Six Word Saturday and am smitten! Love your blog!

    Subscribing to follow you immediately!

    Please stop by Casa Hice for a visit when you have time. Would love to get better acquainted!

  7. seems like a wonderful start to a great day! hope the rest of the day was just as bright :)

    just stopped by checking out all the 6-word Saturday posts :)


  8. Glad you enjoy your walks! Hope it wasn't too chilly for you. :)

  9. Thank you all for visiting and leaving your kind comments.
    I'm just trying to visit you now if I haven't already but Gus is screeching and Dominie is complaining and I'm getting a headache . . . it can only get better . . . can't it??

  10. We had a very cold morning yesterday as well. I stayed in until it was at least no longer freezing.


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