Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Face of the Week #10 Pansy

I like the velvety petals and shy faces of pansies. This pansy flowered in our garden last summer.
Thank you to Sistertex from 'Spacial Peepol' for organising and hosting this meme. If you'd like to see more - or even join in! - please click here.


  1. Pansys are one of my favorite flowers and here in Minnesota it is one of the first flowers we can plant in the spring as it withstands colder temps than some of the others. Pansys do have coloring that looks so much like a face. Love your photo, a great choice for 'Face of the Week' this week! Bringing in Springtime! :) Sorry about the problem with the Linky, it is open again and your link has been placed accordingly. Thanks so much for participating! Have a great week!

    Sistertex at Spacial Peepol

  2. Pretty pansy! I love those first signs of spring.

  3. Pansies have such sweet 'faces'.
    Sunny :)

  4. Nice one. Great colours there.

  5. Pansy faces are very sweet, aren't they. Which reminds me, I have six pansy plants I need to put outdoors!

  6. Pansies are such beautiful flowers. They also put a smile on my face.

  7. OMG how wonderful this is. I love the colors and how unique. Brilliant my friend. Have a great Wednesday :)


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