Tuesday 11 May 2010

Face of the Week #11 Carrion Crow

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We see many crows in our neighbourhood  (not surprising, as we live in a place called Crowthorne.) They are intelligent, entertaining birds and opportunistic feeders. When not eating at the bird feeders they may be stealing fish food or frogs from the pond or taking eggs or baby birds from local nests. Failing that they will eat less savoury titbits.


  1. Hi!
    Love this guy, they are very interesting birds to be sure, I agree with you. Need them around to clean up 'things' in general. I have seen them around here too, but you are right, never at the birdfeeder. I guess I never paid attention to that face until you mentioned it. Very cool photo! Thanks so much for sharing it via 'Face of the Week'! I really appeciate your participating! You have some really great 'faces'! :) Hope you have a wonderful week.

  2. I really find crows interesting and have always found the different variations of crows in different countries fun to see. Unfortunately, West Nile disease killed off most of the crows in Illinois. I haven't seen any in the neighborhood in a long time. Your bird is quite elegant and stately.

  3. Jabblog..thanks for stopping by my Magpie tale...and for leaving a comment..
    I love your Johnson quote...oh how true and beautiful and poetic are those words...and you mention your town called Crowthorne...how can you stand such a literary name...oh my gosh it's great...
    I enjoy such names in the Agatha raisin books I read by M.C.Beaton...makes me dream of thatched cottages...Oh and crows..love love them...Love your photo....I may read more of your blog..you sound fascinating...Oh ..another thing...one of your favortie movies..ZULU!! get out!
    that's a scary movie

  4. A great shot. Clever little birds aren't they? Thank you for answering my query about that old English expression on my blog. Now I know :)


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