Sunday 9 May 2010

Pet Pride, Camera Critters #109 - Watery walks

For Labradors a walk is not complete without water. They like to collect as much as they can in their coats and then shake it out all over the nearest human - now that's love! Dalmatians can take it or leave it. Frodo usually takes it - he enjoys a swim - but Buddy will only go in if accompanied by a human. After all, he considers himself to be practically human.
Frodo: Come on in, you two - the water's lovely!
Frodo: You Labs are really quite short, aren't you?
Jenna: I  might be short but look at me leap!
Jenna: How about that?
Jenna:  . . . and from a different angle . . .
Buddy: Honestly, is all this charging about really necessary?
Jenna: You should try it, Buddy.
Buddy: Well, I'll take a look . . . No, too wet . . .
Buddy: Come on, time to go home!
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  1. oh how i wish i could join you and escape this mumbai heat!

    Pet Pride

  2. What fun! Love them playing in the water!

  3. Oh, you guys look just like Mojo when she goes down to the park at the harbor. She loves to swim!! Have a great day and wish your Mum a Happy Mother's Day!

    Sam and Mojo

  4. They all look as if they enjoyed their walk. Love the water spray from the leap into the water, great. Have a good day:)

  5. Look at all that FUN in the water...dogs sometimes just love that splashing play..or not!

  6. I feel that i learned to be more calm in Sweden...
    great shots
    har en bra dag

  7. It's great to see the dogs having such fun in the water.

  8. It looks a lot of fun in the lake.
    I do like watching dogs play in water.
    Fun pix! :)

    Thank you for your comments on my blog. Sorry I am late returning the visit.
    The spacing on the pix is so annoying, I am going to try Khyra's mums advice too. :)


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