Sunday 16 May 2010

Today’s Flowers #93 May in the garden

Suddenly the garden is full of flowers and bees and insects - and life! We saw our first damselfly yesterday hovering over the pond and a small newt today near the surface.
All photos should enlarge when clicked - but there again, they may not . . .
Exochorda x macrantha 'The bride'
Sometimes known as 'Pearl Bush'
Syringa -commonly known as Lilac
A lilac Lilac
Choisya ternata - Mexican Orange Blossom
Physocarpus opulifolius - Common Ninebark with visitor. The buds are tightly shut at present but will open to white flowers that are very popular with bees
Syringa, Lunaria and Rosmarinus officinalis - Lilac, Honesty and Rosemary
Lavandula stoechas 'Papillon' - usually simply called Lavender
Ilex Altaclerensis Golden King - variegated holly
Despite its name this is a female self-fertile shrub. I am delighted to see flowers this year - there were none last year. The white flowers attract flying pollinators though this cluster of flowers and buds has been visited by an ant. In case the picture cannot be enlarged, the cropped shot below shows it more clearly.
Thank you to the Today's Flowers team for hosting this lovely meme.To see more blooms around the world please click here - and maybe you will be tempted to join in! 


  1. Your garden must be very beautiful! I love lilacs.

  2. A lovely series of flowers and such a nice variety. Thank you so much for sharing them.

  3. Your garden is BEAUTIFUL....
    I love all but especially the Lavender , great macro shot...
    Have a beautiful Sunday!

  4. I like all your photos, but especially well-written names in Latin.
    Have a great Sunday.

  5. Beautiful flowers ! Today I am in spring mood ! It's nice and warm outside and the birds are singing (I don't know for how long, because my cats agree very much with you, they should all have bird pets !)

  6. Beautiful flowers. Awesom variety.

  7. I love your flowers but the Lavender was perfect! Possibly a cross between a flower and a sculpture

  8. Such a beutiful post. you've brightened up our day. we are keeping the page open so we can enjoy ur flowers again.
    oh Janice, i am so excited to learn your father was a freemason.i don't know much about them but i keep reading. I have a deep respect and admiration for their ideologies, courage, integrity and intelligence.
    do you have a lot of Masonic symbols and stuff at ur home? could u write a post about them please?


  9. Love the variety of your flowers. Now I know pearl bush, I have seen them but don;t know its name.

    You have a beautiful garden.

  10. The lavandula looks very exotic! The first photo has a resemblance to our national flower which is jasmine.

  11. Lovely series of flowers and photos!

  12. A beautiful collection of flower photographs.

  13. Spring is very lovely in your gardens. I haven't seen a damselfly yet...but I'm on the lookout!

  14. beautiful flowers, your garden must be lovely! I don't have anything in flower at the moment, not even my clematis montana, not sure what's wrong with it this year...

  15. Such beautiful flowers---I've always wished that we could grow lilacs here!!


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