Sunday 16 May 2010

Weekend Mailbox #5 Royal Mail van

Posting a letter the other day I reached the postbox just as the Royal Mail van arrived. As there is only one collection a day I was glad to have 'caught the post'.
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  1. Does royal mail differ from regular old folks mail? Is there not so royal mail for folks like me?

  2. A very sleek and shiny postal van! Our vans look more like an armoured car hiding beneath a facade of a cruisy 4 wheel drive! (Just kidding! Well...just a little anyways!) But they are red and not shiny at all! Great shot!
    Enjoy your weekend!

  3. An interesting shadow reflecting a house behind the
    shooter that seems to correspond to the shape of a house behind the van! My, how special the Royal Mail pick-up van looks these days!

  4. Royal Mail serves us all, even the hoi-polloi like me;-)

  5. Royal Mail serves all,
    even the hoi polloi, so
    blogger Jabblog says.

    Desolate mailbox

  6. Good, you were able to post your letter on the same day :)

  7. Glad you made it in time. I bet that made your day. It would have lifted my spirits. :)


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