Monday 31 May 2010

Microfiction Monday #33

Susan from 'Stony River' organises and hosts this weekly meme. She provides a picture and the challenge is to create a story in 140 characters or less.
Click here to read more marvels of microfiction – and perhaps be tempted to join in.
Here is this week's picture and my offerings follow – two for one today.
'Now look here, Merlin,' said Arthur, 'Turning me into a dragon won't change my mind. I'm still going to be king.' 'You sure?' said Merlin.
(139 characters)
'I'm giving you one more chance. Breathe fire or I'll turn you to stone,' said Merlin - and that's how Dragon Stone Hill came into being.
(138 characters)


  1. Tut wizards and their wands...And mine is a homage to Friends and not a rip off! My Twitter story

  2. Merlin just doesn't understand ambition, does he? Nicely done.

  3. Looks as if there may be a bit of Power Play going on. Both were great.

  4. Two clever captions---bravo! I liked the historical background of Dragon Stone Hill the best.

  5. Definitely trouble in court there :-)
    Enjoyed both.

  6. Very clever and you had two great ideas. Well done indeed!

  7. I like bit of these. Very well done my friend. :) have a great week ahead. :)

  8. You have two great ones here, Janice!
    And I did enjoy them both! Super Enjoy your day!


  9. eventually the king had it his own way and the disobedient dragon got punished.
    great job - i loved both stories!

  10. Excellent!
    I'd never heard of Dragon Stone Hill -- but I used to be an officer in an ADF grove! I loved that visit -- and your stories!


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