Thursday 20 May 2010

To the rescue!

Photo courtesy of Press Association 
When a stag was spotted with his antlers snagged in a rope swing a few days ago the RSPCA was contacted. It called on the expertise of the Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service which sent its animal rescue officers to the site in Hook in Hampshire.It was a hazardous operation because the stag was full-grown with an impressive rack, which could have been lethal to approaching humans. He was very distressed, kicking out and throwing himself around, in danger of breaking his neck.
A long pole was used to place a towel over his eyes to calm him. As soon as he had quietened an RSPCA officer and a fire officer were able to cut the rope to free the uninjured stag which walked off into the woodland.
The rope swing was cut down to prevent potential entanglements of more wild animals.


  1. Oh my! I'm so glad someone alerted the RSPCA in time!

  2. Who'd have thought a rope swing could be so treacherous? thank goodness for the RSPCA.

  3. Oh, the poor little thing ! how scared it must have been !

  4. Poor thing. Glad he's okay now


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