Saturday 29 May 2010

Weekend Mailbox #7 Postman Pat

My youngest daughter used to love Postman Pat. My mother knitted  Pat and his cat Jess for Bethan and she had hours of fun playing with them.This is one of her books - this edition was published in 1982.  I think I must have bought it somewhat later than that as Bethan was born at the end of 1981 and was still at the rag book and stiff card book stage in 1982!
I always found it odd that the cartoon characters had only three fingers!
The following video is from YouTube and I'm sure you'll all be singing along to it by the end :-)

Big thanks to Gemma from 'Greyscale Territory' who inititiated and hosts this meme. Click here to see more


  1. I have never heard of the Postman Pat series so this is quite surprising for me! What a great idea for children! A wonderful post! Pardon the pun!)

    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. real cute idea to knit the characters. my children now in their 30's loved theses books. xlynda

  3. How wonderful My kids always looked at postman pat back in Holland. They translated it in dutch. When we see one of these square cars in the street, one of us always says "see a postman pat car"

  4. This is a clever posting for Gemma's Weekend Mailbox! Cute! There are so many odd looking mailboxes around where I live so I really need to take some pics of them soon so I can join in the fun!

  5. so cute! I love his black and white cat :)


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