Sunday 16 May 2010

Pet Pride, Shadow Shot Sunday #104 - Pansy Blue

The breeders of our brown Burmese cat encouraged us to breed from her - I am more resistant to such suggestions these days! She was a pretty little queen and gave us many years of pleasurable companionship and five litters of kittens - three planned by us and two of her own desiring! In her second litter there was a blue kitten which we kept and called Pansy Blue.
Pansy had the most amazingly luminous eyes which changed expression remarkably. When she gazed at humans her eyes were soft and loving with no hint of evil but sometimes when she looked at one of her feline house mates her expression would  harden and she looked every inch the fighter though she never squabbled with the others - perhaps the look was enough!
She was blind for the last two years of her life and we so missed her loving looks though she continued to chat to us as she had done all her life.
As you can see from the photographs a 'blue' cat is really grey. Against a blue background the coat looks 'bluer'.The 'blue' is a dilution of black. Our children became so used to the descriptive colours of the cats that other animals were so categorised. One day Susannah described a squirrel as being 'blue' and that's when we had to explain that colours vary acccording to breed and species and custom. A white horse is a 'grey', red hunting jackets are 'pink', a brown-spotted Dalmatian is 'liver' while a brown Labrador is 'chocolate' ,and so on ad infinitum.
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  1. Dear cat, Pansy Blue,
    fondly we remember you
    and your gentle gaze.

    Target practice

  2. pansy blue looks regal or rather royal blue!

    Woof woof
    from Bozo
    Pet Pride

  3. Pansy is a real little sweetheart! Glorious expression in those eyes! That's what we love about our Shadow! Her eyes talk!

  4. Great photos of Pansy - what an interesting cat to look at! I like the first photo particularly.

  5. Gorgeous. Your 'what do we call a colour like that' explanation made me smile ;-)
    Friends of ours have a 'blue' cat with golden eyes too. He is a British shorthair. And very impressive.

    (I had to look up 'pithy'. Thank you ;-))

  6. iam impressive about his(or her) silver...congrats

  7. Oh yeah Pansy looks very gorgeous. She needs a crown for her to look like the queen of kitties!

  8. OMG it's so cute!! Like the color. Happy Sunday!

    Shadow Shot Sunday

  9. What a beautiful cat! Love the color and her wonderful eyes. I'm sure Pansy is missed! Hope you have a great week!


  10. Pansy Blue looks like such a treasure and she must have given you much joy over the years. I still miss my little cat that passed away two years ago. They're such great company!

  11. A beauty if there ever was one - I'm sure she is sorely missed.

    Happy SSS

  12. Adorable Kitty knows what your looking for. Seems she poses for your perfect shot.

    Happy day.

  13. Beautiful photos of Pansy!

  14. Pansy Blue was a good looking cat!


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