Tuesday 6 October 2009


We have used a breadmaker for many years and it is wonderful to have freshly-baked bread. Apart from anything else the smell is so mouth-watering.

I like to try different recipes – well, they're not so much recipes as - 'H'mm, what can I put in the mixture to make a change today?' Caraway seeds and cinnamon are a favourite addition unless I'm making a loaf for Gareth who likes his bread unadulterated.

Last week we needed some more bread so I set about putting all the ingredients into the bread pan. Unfortunately, I picked up a jar of whole cloves mistaking it for caraway and didn't realise my error until several cloves were in the mix. It was too fiddly to try and extract them so I decided to bake the bread anyway. It smelt really appetising and actually tasted even better so today I'm making another clove loaf. I shan't offer any to my son though!

Sometimes the mistakes we make are happy ones!

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