Monday 5 October 2009

Searching . . .

This evening Barry couldn't find his skin-tight swimming trunks so I left poor Dominie in the kitchen where she is accustomed to stay every day as I ruin prepare supper. His method of searching is akin to a tumble dryer thorough. We hunted through baskets of laundry, some alarmingly damp still airing, to no avail.

We turned the house upside down looked carefully and finally decided they must have been thrown away mislaid to be discovered at some future point.

Barry afterdisrupting the whole house eventually enjoyed his swim. Meanwhile I phoned Gillian to ask if Barry's trunks had somehow found their way back to Dorset. They had!

Is it any wonder we eat so late?


  1. heheh - i am not really acquainted with all the characters in your lovely blog yet (but will be reading up soon!) but i think i can relate somehow with all the lateness in eating, etc. because of all the little domestic things that happen in between!

  2. Sometimes I think I ought to include a 'map' of all the individuals who appear in this blog . . . ;-)

  3. Hmmmm, sounds familiar - maybe not involving trunks but any number of other items!

    Did Barry have to go in his birthday suit in the end? He could have caused quite a stir at your local leisure centre. Just as well you have your own pool.

  4. LOL! No he refused to go skinny-dipping and found another pair. Unlike me, he has a range of clothes for every occasion (does that sound like sour grapes? ;-))


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