Wednesday 14 October 2009

A special package!

A special package was delivered yesterday in a sturdy cardboard envelope.

The address was written on a hand-painted address panel - how beautiful!

Inside was a carefully wrapped green tissue packet with a note on the front. The note was written on the back of more art work.

It contained a set of stamps with a brief history of post boxes.

In case the photographs cannot be enlarged this is what is printed above the post boxes:-

'The earliest known surviving posting slot was placed in the wall of Wakefield Post Office in 1809. Britain's first roadside pillar boxes appeared in the early 1850s but, in more remote and less populated areas, a cheaper and more practical alternative was needed, resulting in the development of smaller post boxes. Initially, they were installed in walls, buildings or brick pillars; later designs were also attached to lamp posts.'

From left to right the post boxes are from the reign of George V, Type B wall box; Edward VII, Ludlow box; Victorian lamp box; Elizabeth II, Type A wall box.
(These stamps are too pretty to be used so I shall frame them. There is such a lot of artistry in stamp design, as in coins - what a shame we don't look at them more carefully and appreciate their perfect detail.)

Also in the envelope was this photograph - another piece of art work.

My sincere thanks go to Sarah from 'Circles of Rain' for this pretty gift. Why not visit her blog and see what other lovely works she has to show you?


  1. What a lovely parcel!

    Great stamps, there certainly have been some wonderful ones over the years. Love the post boxes too but reminds me of the upcoming strikes. How long before the postal workers shoot themselves in the foot, I wonder? I must admit to not knowing the full details but I do know that strikes are not usually popular with the general public and Royal Mail does have competition these days.

  2. Quite right Sue - they really are not doing themselves any favours.


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