Monday 12 October 2009

Help for Heroes

We have just heard that Help4Heroes has raised an incredibly impressive £30 million since it was launched in 2007.
This is a marvellous achievement but we feel it is extremely sad that the injured and damaged young people - some still only in their teens - who obey orders and go to war at the Government's behest have to rely on CHARITY to ease the burden of their suffering.
We hope, without much faith, that the trained killers so thoroughly rehearsed in methods of dispatch will be cared for by the Government (of whatever determination) and not condemned to despairing and possibly aggressive lives on the streets.
How far can charity stretch?


  1. Very well done to all those involved in the fund raising, but it is a disgusting state of affairs, when a once great country such as our has to rely upon charitable donations for its returning heroes.Not so much a case of "who put the T in Typhoo", more a case of "who took the great out of great Britian?".


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