Saturday 24 October 2009

Six Word Saturday

The clocks go back this weekend . . .
. . . then it will feel really autumnal - a reminder that the year is turning and after the harvest festivals in schools and churches there will be an onward rush to Christmas. The shops have been touting Christmas goods for months and the charity catalogues are coming in thick and fast.
It's half-term in the coming week and after that in primary schools up and down the country the children will be practising Christmas carols and concerts, miniature Marys and Josephs will be chosen and angels will be nagged into holding their 'wings' aloft, shepherds' tea-towel headdresses will refuse to stay in place and kings/wise men will trip over their cloaks while their crowns slip down over their eyes. No matter how hackneyed it may all seem, nor how many times the Nativity has been acted out, when the lights catch the tinsel and silver on the angels' heads and the 'precious gifts' and the children sing 'Away in a manger' the audience and teachers alike will catch their breath and swallow hard while their eyes mist over, caught up once more in the essential innocence and trust of small children. Do I miss this? Of course I do!
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  1. Oh I had forgotten about that. Thanks for the reminder. Happy

  2. thanks for the visit and your thoughtful comment!

    ...and your blog header speaks for it's content~beautiful!


  3. Thanx for the reminder !!! :)

  4. U.S. clocks don't change
    until the first Sunday morn
    of next-to-last month.

  5. Already! I'm not at all ready

  6. Hi Jlog, yes it is almost time for Christmas and all it's celebrations, rememberances, and traditions.
    Of course we do have our little Thanksgiving here before some get started. Mostly that would be the procrastinators.
    Happy 6WS to your part of us. :-)

  7. Thank you all for your comments and to the folks across the pond, my apologies - you will enjoy summertime for a whole week longer than UK residents!

  8. Wow, I felt really sad for a minute - it seems like it's already getting dark too early. But yes, I get another week or two it seems. Phew!

    Thanks for playing 6WS!

  9. Cate - only a minute?? (must hone my rhetoric . . . ;-))

  10. Hawaii has no seasons and our clocks never change. Light and dark are pretty much equal year-round. I miss season changes. Christmas we have -- it is up already in many stores.

  11. quilly - I know I would really miss the changing seasons. You'll be enjoying them again soon when you leave Hawaii won't you?


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