Monday 12 October 2009

Beware the moon - unseen dangers!

A German man mooned at a departing train - very original! However, his trousers were caught in a carriage door resulting in him being dragged off the plattform and onto the tracks. He was pulled for about 200 metres all the while struggling to keep his legs free of the wheels of the train.
Eventually a passenger realised what was happening and pulled the emergency brake. This resulted in 23 trains being delayed on the line between Bremen and Hamburg.
The man suffered cuts and bruises and faces charges including interference in rail transport and insulting behaviour.
A spokesman said, ' . . . he advised others not to try the same thing'.
Well, at least one journalism student has learnt a valuable lesson.
I suspect his dreams will be haunted for the foreseeable future!


  1. Oh that's awful! It reminds me of the tale of a school boy somewhere round here a while ago. He was trying to get off the horrendously teenager filled bus and just about made it when the doors closed on his rucksack and the bus moved on. He was carried along for some way before someone noticed. That wasn't his fault though, unlike this silly man! And yes-a nice day does set you up!
    Update on the sore throated cat too-I had to take her in and leave her overnight so the vet can sedate her tomorrow and have abetter look down her throat. Poor thing is still hacking away.

  2. ah well, lesson learned: watch where you're standing!

  3. Sarah - that's awful. The poor boy! Sorry to see that Lily is still hacking. I hope the vet finds the underlying cause.
    Cherie - I should think so.
    I suppose he could regard it as a form of asset-stripping!! ;-)


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