Saturday 17 October 2009

Six Word Saturday

I can't believe it's Saturday again!

Where does the time go? I mean, it's not as if I go out to work any more! I know that seems to imply that I work at home but I don't. I do the bare minimum.
I'm not a slob - I'd be houseproud if I weren't so lazy - but there are more interesting things to do and ponder. For instance, I often ponder doing some gardening. In my imagination I have a gorgeous plot bursting with beautiful blooms and graceful trees, my fish swim around their pond with fishy smiles on their fishy lips, the frogs croak greetings to me, the birds thank me as they gratefully partake of the food I have so generously provided for them. Even the squirrels pause long enough in their tree planting to express gratitude for the food they share with the birds. The patio is clear of leaves, the path is swept, the tree trunks brushed and polished, the plants dead-head themselves and the spiders do their work outside and never dream of stepping foot (or feet) indoors. (I think I've seen too many cartoons!) Sigh . . . In reality, everything in the garden is fighting for supremacy, the flowers have run riot, the fish are invisible beneath the rampaging pond plants, the ground is so soggy it's like a giant mud sponge and I feel I am fighting a losing battle. Then, suddenly, everything will be barren again, sunk below the surface to plot fresh attacks in the Spring. of course, if I were a proper gardener, I would be working all year round, whatever the weather, to keep my little piece of England neat and tidy, productive and profitable - but when it's cold - or hot - or wet - or windy - I stay indoors and gaze out at the wilderness. Actually I love my garden - it's natural (well, that's one way of putting it) It attracts an abundance of wild life and the flowers and shrubs yield their beauty and scent freely to whoever passes.
Thank you to Cate from 'Show My Face' for hosting this meme.
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  1. I think somebody is stealing my time. Perhaps they are stealing your, too.

  2. Hi J.J, thanks for the advice. If had a motorcycle that is probably what I would do, stick the pin.
    Since I don't, unless the MC is my BDay present, I'll use several pins.
    One place is the U.K. again. We were in Ireland, Scotland, and Isle of Man a couple of years ago.
    If it is Britain again we will visit Windsor Castle. Last time we were there the Queen was ther for the Ascot races so we missed a lot.
    And Mrs. Jim would run with me again if it were the U.K. :-)

  3. Saturday is the gateway to Sunday

  4. quilly - LOL!
    Jim - being a Brit naturally I would welcome your choice (and we don't live very far from Windsor . . . )
    Dr John - very profound! Sunday is the gateway to the week ahead?

  5. I love a garden that evolves with least ornamental arrangement by human hand! Always a surprise gallery of delights!

  6. Gemma - I think we are of like mind :-)

  7. I agree with Quilly. There's a time-bandit lurking out there somewhere. Never enough time to do what needs to be done.

  8. Jenn - but nearly always enough time to do what you fancy ;-)

  9. Saturday comes ’round
    with great regularity,
    and who can stop it?

    My Six Words

  10. At last! Someone who tells the truth about gardening!

    I am a planter, but not a weeder. I love the planning, but not the execution. I would brush and polish (lol) my tree trunks, too, but I would really rather read about someone else's tree trunks and garden.

    Thank you for letting me know there is a kindred gardening spirit somewhere else in the world.

  11. All you need to do is have your actual garden take a visit to your imaginary. It will be so envious, it will perk right up!

  12. Magical Mystical Teacher - no-one can stop time, though you can beat it, which upset the Mad Hatter (or was it the March Hare?)
    clairz - my problem (well, one of them ;:-/) is that I can't tell weeds from 'legal' flowers. Actually, I can but I like weeds - if they have the will to keep growing in my garden even if I dig them up then they have earned their place!
    Home School Dad - as you are a 'home schooler' I think you might have the answer there!

  13. A 'natural' garden is by far the best kind. I'm working (not very hard) on mine.

  14. Sue - let Nature take the strain :-)

  15. I deliberately didn't bother cleaning up last night, planning to do it tonight. And don't you know that the heat wouldn't come on and now my husband has the repair guys coming? I'm mortified that the house is such a disaster. Nothing I can do now though - I'm at work.

    Thanks for playing 6WS!

  16. LOL!! That happens to me too often . . .


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