Saturday 21 August 2010

Blog problems

My apologies to those who have had problems accessing my blog through Internet Explorer and whose screens have frozen because of it! Carletta suggested it might be a widget so I removed them but it made no difference. Then the Genius, (variously known as Himself, the Lord and Master, Sir, or more commonly Barry) intervened.

'I've never seen another blog with such a long page as yours. It gets near the bottom and seems to choke.'

We looked at some other blogs and he was right (curses!)

It was the labels, folks, which I have now removed. IE is able to cope once more – in our house, anyway, but I shall continue to use Google Chrome because it loads so quickly.

Of course, if you still can't get in (or simply have given up and gone elsewhere and I couldn't blame you!) you won't be able to read this.


  1. have you used Windows Live Writer? really is easy - also I use Mozella Firefox - really quicker browser now!

  2. My blog was acting a little spacey, so took your advice and removed the labels. I also have fewer posts on each page. Works much better. Thanks!

  3. Denise, we've spent hours trying to include photos in blog posts before publishing and it just doesn't work.The pictures disappear after publishing. So I just write, publish and add photos afterwards.
    BJ - glad it helped:-)

  4. Viewing Blogger with IE has been an ongoing problem. When I used it last year there were a number of blogs that would freeze up on loading with IE. It was so common I thought it was a problem with my computer or the blogs. After a little research I discover it was only IE users having the problem.

    I use Firefox now, I haven't used IE in over a year. Your blog loads very quickly for me, no problems ever.

  5. I didn't know it was bad to have a long page. I know mine is, too. Hmmmm...


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