Wednesday 25 August 2010

Midweek Blues

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Some people like music as a background to their lives, others don't. I fall into the latter category. If I'm trying to concentrate music gets in the way, something to do with the rhythm, I think. Barry belongs in the first group. He exercises to music and the beat helps him to maintain his cadence. If he is exercising in the pool then an ordinary radio suffices. If he is swimming that is no good and then he employs the Swimp3 earphones in the photo above. The speakers sit on the bones below the ears and the delivered sound is very good, apparently. Barry uses a snorkel so his head is mostly below water. I'm not sure how big a part rhythm plays in swimming. The only thing I used to count was lengths but it's not possible or necessary to do that in an endless pool!


  1. This blue flower is absolutely beautiful.

    P.S. No problems loading up your site today!

  2. I belong to the former group. But it is highly unlikely i would ever take along my music to the swimming pool!!My husband, (like yours!)is more than likely to do it, if only to test that gadget!
    Note frm Gin n Bud: Mummy sips ginger-Lemon tea every morning out of a coffee-mug too. she can't decide whether she likes tea or her cappuccino (with cream and chocolate)better.

  3. I'm a mix....I do like music when I'm riding my cycle but not if on a walk. I don't like music on when I am trying to concentrate, not at all.

    I find that I prefer quiet, most of the time...but it's not easy to find in a house with three little men and one big one :)

    My husband is one who needs background noise, no matter what he does...and the music is always on in his car. Not so much, mine.

  4. I have to have music on all the time
    or the TV
    I can't do a thing without sound around me
    snazzy speakers :)

  5. I am in the latter group, and would never think of music when swimming. Not that I knew one could have earphones in the water! Gosh, that blue on gold looks good....

  6. I love music but not all the time. I've never seen those earphones before. They're neat!

  7. just wich you good night and sweety dreams
    Perfumed kisses

  8. I have loved music all my life and listen to some every day so I can relate to Barry's uh, obsession. :)
    I had no idea they made earphones for music in the water. Now that is for a music lover for sure.
    A unique addition to today's blue posts!

    Yes, I don't know if you did anything but your blog is loading very well. :)

  9. I am like you, and can't concentrate when music is playing. Especially not when I am writing. I also hate blogs with music when you open them you suddenly here somebody singing, that's so annoying. I like to listen music in my car. That's the only place where really I enjoy it, besides concerts etc of course.

    Re the cat : Kim belonged to my son who had choosen her in London from our friends where I have been now. She only meows in English :) ! It's a real plague with her fur she is always full of knots and she doesn't let us brush her. I have to go to a groomer who does cats and dogs. Fortunately !

  10. Congratulations to your new template !
    I made a comment before, I don't know if you got it, because suddenly my computer did a restart !

  11. I do find that walking to music really helps me keep my energy up. I don't know what it is, but it makes a huge difference.

  12. I'm in the group that loves music on all the time.

  13. I can't concentrate when music is playing. It's ok to listen to, though, when driving as long as I am not in a lot of traffic or when going for a walk although I rarely think to bring music with me. It's next to impossible for me to write or read if music is playing.

  14. I don't like music when I'm concentrating on several can be distracting, but I like music in the background when I'm shopping or the background themes in movies etc.

    Thanks for visiting and leaving a great comment on my photo blog!

    Love Letters in the Sand

  15. Oh interesting-I didn't know you could get earphones for water use! I am like you-if I need to concentrate then music distracts me. I love to sing along which would distract me from work. Driving and walking to music are good though.
    I didn't realis Henry was 6'-I suppose that was quite tall-just that the armour didn't look it!

  16. Funny, I prefer quiet almost all the time. But all thOse around me seem to like a constant music in the background. I thought I was the only one who liked quiet!

  17. I like quiet when I'm trying to concentrate too. It never ceases to amaze me how many people live with constant noise. Don't get me wrong, I DO like music...but not when I'm concentrating.

  18. I enjoy music anytime. When I am working in the yard, walking, housework, etc I usually have an mp3 player or music on my computer. My hubby is the one who like total silence when he is trying to concentrate.


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