Sunday 22 August 2010

Pet Pride - After breakfast

Bozo and his human host this weekly meme - thank you! To see more pets please click here.
Breakfast is an exciting time in our house. Winston miaous at me and if he thinks I can't hear him or am ignoring him he yells louder and comes to pat my leg. Frodo whinnies, Tia, one of our visitors, whines softly and Foxy, our other visitor, dances from front paw to front paw, as though she's kneading the floor to bring forth food. Jenna, Gus and Buddy watch every move.
Buddy is the first to be fed - that is his privilege as the oldest dog. Correction! Winston is fed first but his food is put in the conservatory so that it doesn't get snaffled by a quick dog. Depending on what I'm giving them for breakfast the rest are fed in the kitchen or outside. If I'm cutting up heart or kidney then they remain indoors and watch as the bowls are filled. Minced tripe is the easiest meal - and probably the smelliest. I simply remove the packaging and put the mess in a bowl. Tia is the next in the queue as she needs a little extra to build her up. Frodo follows, then Jenna and Foxy. Gus has already had one breakfast but is given more in the sitting room to prevent him pinching the others' food. 
If chicken wings are on the menu, Winston has one in the conservatory, Buddy doesn't have them at the moment, so he'll have tripe or heart, and the rest, including Gus,  follow me into the garden. Then it's rather like feeding the penguins at the zoo - or perhaps the alligators. I toss a wing to each dog in turn and the snapping of Frodo's jaws is loud and fearsome. They edge closer and closer so that I have to toss the wings further afield to make them move back. After I've counted the wings for each dog we all troop back indoors again. 
The next excitement is the ritual of the pills, all served in peanut butter. They all watch as I set out the tablets and capsules. Frodo has the most as he has anti-epileptic drugs three times a day, plus MSM, glucosamine, bromelain and a couple of other tablets. He has his dose first. Buddy is next, followed by Tia, Jenna, Foxy and Gus.
Then they settle down for a well-earned rest.
Winston chooses one of the footstools.
Frodo curls up in his basket.
Jenna likes to rest on Barry's chair.
Buddy and Tia play bookends on one of the settees.
Foxy and Gus sleep together in another dog bed, close to the box of toys.
Peace reigns supreme, punctuated only by snores and whimpers as they dream of rabbits.


  1. hey guys sure is fun to rest!

  2. what dear dear friends sandy

  3. I do not think my comment went through , how I love these dear dear friends altogether Sandy

  4. Yep, looks like us after breakfast!! And with the same snores and whimpers! Nothing like a full tummy!

    Sam, Mojo and Sylvia

  5. My comment didn't go through earlier too.
    Wish I could snuggle up and join them. :)

  6. That is quite a performance for breakfast every morning. You've done a days work before they get over their full tummies.

  7. Snores and whimpers? Must be quite a chorus :-)


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