Friday 27 August 2010

A sort of Flenny Noyder

I blame it all on Jinksy from napple notes . . .

Shing, shang, clope,

Missles in the trope.

Kwi pats ill ein? Spleeder Jarno Glein.

Kwi pats ill reit? Spleeder Tarmo Streit.

Caze a nastig blor was drat

To try to zag poor missle nat

Kwi nope did any blune

Ma zig the squizz in his petro's flune.


  1. It sounds like a catchy tune. But at this hour of the morning my brain will not digest the words!

  2. Oh, my goodness me! I think we could write an operetta in Flenny Noyer Speke - though I'mnot sure anybody but us would have the slightest idea what it was about, though I think my good friend Friko might ! Do goe and visit her, if you haven't already met. She's a kindred spirit if ever I found one! :)

  3. Those lines went right over my head .. swooosh!

  4. !!!!?????.....will u enlighten us?

  5. I don't want to appear overcritical, but in the third line, shouldn't it be "Jurno" "Jarno" isn't actually Noydersprecht. It's pure Kalderoon.

  6. Doc, I hate to take issue with you but I think I am correct in saying that 'Jurno' is patois. You are right that 'Jarno' is Kalderoon but as we both know Noydersprecht is a mongrel language, drawing on several cultures for its rich diversity.

  7. In my book, mongrel language gets no further than 'Woof!Woof!'
    What's with this highbrow discussion anyway? All seems a bit technical to me, although I am in favour of diversity... :)

  8. J . . I think that between us we could convince any academic Eng.Lit.Dept. that there's a Ph.D thesis in the highways and byways of Noydersprecht's debt to Kalderoon.

    Klimp orp za globz vorrg!

  9. I think I would prefer the operetta option. Eng. Lit. Depts. are full of contortionists.


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