Tuesday 31 August 2010

My World Tuesday The Last Day of Summer

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Whether 31st August is the last day of Summer is a moot point but it felt like that when we took our dogs for an early morning walk. Our canine visitors have gone home and we left Buddy, our old gentleman, at home. A soft mist hung in the air for the sun, though awake, was not yet strong enough to defeat it. The dogs trotted along happily, tails wagging, noses working hard to assimilate and analyse all the fascinating scents left by others who had passed that way, human, domesticated and wild.

Jenna leaps after the Kong  . . . 
. . . followed by Gus
As we approached the first ponds Jenna and Gus dashed forward for their first frolic. Frodo went in for a leisurely bathe and then rejoined me.

The advance of the webs on an unsuspecting Frodo!
In the sun the tall grasses sparkled with dew-bejewelled gossamer in every direction, the work of a thousand tiny spiders. The ponds are full again after heavy rains and the Labradors thoroughly enjoyed their retrieving practice.
We walked on up the hill, appreciating the clean, fresh air and bright sun in the blue sky. It promised to be a fine day and as we watched aircraft silently cutting a swathe through the heavens the promise seemed to be confirmed by vapour trails dissipating rapidly in the still air. 
Thistles are still flowering but most are producing thistledown. The bracken too is beginning to change colour and soon will die down, changing the landscape yet again. 
We returned to the starting point of our walk through light woodland, carpeted with decades of fallen leaves, sunlight finding paths through tangled branches to cast spotlights and shadows wherever it could. Our footfalls were silent on the soft peaty ground until we emerged into sunlight once more.
We returned home with three happy, tired dogs. It was a wonderful start to the day.    


  1. And what a wonderful way to start my day! I love your post for the day, Janice! What a beautiful place to walk and how fun to watch the dogs play! Thanks for sharing the fun and the beauty! Hope your week is going well!


  2. What a lovely walk on the last day of August. Walking with your dogs is such an adventure. :)

  3. Janice;
    Thank you so much for your encouraging words that you left on my blog. You made me realize that I still have to mourn my Mother.
    Tears are just starting to come and I am beginning to feel again.
    Funny, but I guess I just needed permission to cry.

    Your pictures today are beautiful and just what I needed.

  4. The leaping dogs and spraying water scenes are such fun shots! Your forest and thistles could actually be in BC where I am. When I was a child I couldn’t understand why my mom would cultivate such weeds in our yard. Today I can certainly see their beauty. Thanks for sharing your start to a new season. :)

  5. Beautiful shots. Your pets are having lot of fun in water.

  6. Your dogs are wonderful, Janice, and so are your photos. Labradors just can't keep out of the water, can they?
    And, like Eeyore, I've always loved thistles. Your pictures make me want to search through ours to find some shots of thistles here on the prairie. I think they're here, if I'm not mistaken.
    Thanks for sharing your lovely dogs and scenery with us.
    -- K

  7. I felt the approaching chill of Autumn this morning too. I think that's one of the reasons my post tonight took the form it did.
    Lovely pics J.

  8. Beautiful photos and very cute friends you have. What a great start to the day.

    Darryl and Ruth : )

  9. The dogs shots are great! Lovely walk I see.

  10. And I enjoyed that walk with you

  11. Beautiful! We used to live backing on to woods and I loved taking our dog (and sons while they were still at home) for walks there. Your pictures have brought it all back.


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