Tuesday 10 August 2010

The Eighth Blog of Augustus Lazarus Cooke - grumbling

Hello everyone!
My friends have come to stay for a few weeks. I'm always glad to see them but Tia's ever so strict. If I play too noisily near her she tells me off. I don't like that very much but she is my elder and better so I have to put up with it. Jenna grumbles too, but she doesn't really mean it. I know that's true 'cos as soon as she's finished scolding she starts playing with me again.
Foxy, Gus and Jenna
Foxy never moans – I like Foxy. Buddy grouses at all of us dogs but that's because he can't see. He's very old so we should respect him.
When we're out walking Frodo shouts at every dog and human he sees, even the ones he's seen for years, but at home he's usually very quiet. Sometimes he complains if I'm clambering over him to reach my toy box, specially if I take a long time choosing something to play with but he never snaps. I even took his bone away from him the other day (lamb ribs – yummy!) and he didn't do anything - just looked to see if Jenna had finished hers. I'd never be able to take her bone; she would snarl at me. Sisters! I really like Frodo – he's awesome. I know I've said before that I'd like to be as big as him one day and I truly, truly think I might be! My head's broader than his and I weigh nearly as much as him. I just need to grow a bit taller.
Tia and Buddy have got quite a bit in common at the moment. They both look as though they've had their coats trimmed the way some horses do – I think Mrs H called it the Hunter Clip.
Anyway, they've been shaved and are showing a lot of skin. Tia had a big lump taken out of her and I know her Humans are worried about her. Buddy's stomach had twisted and Ben-the-Vet and Mark-the-Vet worked on him to turn it back. Their coats are growing now and Tia looks really well again. She's put on weight which is good 'cos she was very thin. She's about the same age as Frodo. She's already nine and Frodo's birthday's in December. Talking of birthdays, I shall be one year old on September 6th. I shan't be a puppy any longer.
I'm quite a grown-up chap now.
There's a puppy next door. She's not there all the time 'cos she's a grand-puppy but she's ever so noisy. I haven't seen her but I know she's a little dog – a West Highland White Terrier. She's got a funny name for a white dog, though – she's called Rosie and I think she should be pink. I don't suppose many dogs are pink, only when they're coloured by their owners. She goes out in her garden and yaps and then Foxy starts grumping and Tia joins in and after a while we're all barking and all the dogs in the houses around are woofing – what a racket! Then we all settle down again but soon we hear 'Yap, yap, yap, yappity-yap' and clapping! Why do they clap her? She'll only do it more. What? Oh, Jenna's just told me that it's called 'destruction technique'. What? Oh, 'distraction technique'.
That's all for today! It's time to play with my friend Foxy.
Hwyl fawr am nawr! (That's Welsh for 'Goodbye for now!')


  1. Beautiful photo of the dog, he is very neat, what a lovely post for the day.

  2. ALC - you sure are a handsome fellow.

  3. It's always fun to have a play friend! Life is all about good visits.

  4. Hello Gus,
    What an eloquent Labradude you are!we loved reading about your siblings and friends.Just a few more days to go for your first birthday...will u get a cake?
    ginger n buddy

    yeah Aunt janice,
    we enjoyed our party in honour of Sugar,our golden friend.
    Mumsy was in a cheerful, 'lets-fix something nice to eat' mood.
    She really appreciates your pawdvice and concern and says Thanks
    Oh!we almost forgot!She just loved 'Dancing'.we all think u should write a book.

  5. Thank you all kind people!
    Ginger and Buddy - I'll write a book if you will ;-)

  6. Their trim looks very nice on them! By the way, I love your header too, gorgeous!

  7. How fun to have visitors! Overall you must be having fun! :)

  8. Very cute dogs and pic's. You sure do have your hands full with them though. I know what it is like, we used to have four dogs, two labs and two Golden Ret. Now, we only have one dog. I can say they were a lot of fun.

  9. Thanks for the update, Gus. You are very observant of the goings on at your place. So soon you will no longer be a puppy? My goodness! I bet you will still feel playful though. :)

  10. You know I'm a labrador fan ;-)
    Great post!
    Hope all the dogs that have been shaved so creatively will recover completely.

  11. What a sleek, beautiful dog Augustus is. He reminds me of my grandpup, Mungo. Have a terrific weekend!

  12. And its hard work keeping tabs on all the visitors

  13. Such a fun post and oh what a beautiful dog(s).
    An English Girl Rambles

  14. A pink collar especially for Rosie:-) Cute dog with a very shiny coat.

  15. Unfortunately I have no time to read it all, but the pictures of the dogs are adorable ! BTW I sent you an email.

  16. Aah it is a bit sad that you are no longer a puppy Gus, but you make up for it by being a very handsome grown up dog! I hope all your dog friends are better soon-vets are great aren't they? What would we do without them?
    Say thanks to your Mum for the Cassie comment-I think that is what it is too, having looked on the very scary vet site. One of the causes is too much activity after an operation. The trouble with Cassie is that she never stops! Oh well, we shall see!

  17. Oh gosh - I hope Tia and Buddy are OK! Such a worry, isn't it, when things go wrong. A lot of greyhound owners worry about gastric torsion, and it has happened to some, but (touch wood!) I have no personal experience with it. I'm glad you were wise enough to spot the signs quickly and get him fixed!

    Raw lamb ribs! YUM - so have said all of mine, too! I like them, because they're fairly safe for all, being young and bendy, though when Jack got old I had to debone them for him because he didn't have enough teeth to crunch them. Still liked to gum the meat though! LOL!

  18. Yikes, so glad to hear your friends are recovering well from surgery.. Fingers crossed for Tia.

    Such lovely shots of you all!


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