Sunday 29 August 2010

A Plumber’s Tales #1

Paul and his father Dave were invited to give an estimate for fitting a bathroom. Paul arrived at the house first, removed his boots as requested, and went inside to start the assessment. When Dave arrived a little later the lady of the house asked him to take his boots off before he went in, but he refused.
'What size shoes do you take?' she asked.

Not unnaturally Dave asked, 'Why?'

She answered, 'I shall have to ask you to wear slippers if you come to work here.'

Dave responded, 'These work boots are an important part of our safety clothing.'

She retorted, 'Nonetheless, you must wear slippers.'

Dave replied, 'That's fine. If you can find slippers with steel toe-caps then we'll wear them.'

With that, Paul and Dave left, having decided that they wouldn't take the job.


  1. Great story. Some people just don't seem to get it do they?

    Darryl and Ruth : )

  2. An interesting plumber's tale and one that brings an old quote, "Safety first!"
    An English Girl Rambles

  3. In Hawaii it's standard practice. Every tradesman knows to take off their shoes before they enter a house. Even when deliveries are being made of heavy furniture, the guys will slip off their shoes before going in.

  4. Sounds like a true story to me! Paul and Dave are two smart guys, :)

  5. I would have given them big woolen socks to put over their safety shoes, lol ! I can understand because if they drop something heavy on their toes it hurts ! and plumbers are hard to get (at least here)

  6. I read Kay's comment with interest. However, usually workmen put down drop cloths on my floors before the start work. That way they take their mess with them. I never would think to have them remove their shoes!

  7. There is a point of no return, isn't there? And who knows how picky she would have been with the repairs.

  8. It is a true story.
    I wouldn't dream of asking any workman to take their shoes/boots off. Workmen worth their salt clear up any mess they make but they must be safe while working. Broken toes don't speed the job!

  9. I used to watch ads when workman don't take their boots off and thought they were so silly. Then they tell me it is for safety reasons,

  10. She wasn't called Hyacinth Bucket was she?

  11. Carolina, she may well have been. She had 'married money' and it had rather gone to her head. Her husband ('old money') was extremely pleasant, apparently. Funny old world . . .

  12. What a funny story, but I agree the plumbers need their safety boots.


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