Sunday 12 April 2009

The Endless Saga of the Endless Pool – lights, cement, action!

Cement contributes to five per cent of current global warming because of the heat needed to produce it. Now investigations are under way to find a means of manufacturing cement more efficiently. More importantly, investigators are looking at new products for use in construction that will absorb CO2. Until that time, cement will continue to be used and that is what P put down to screed the floor of the Endless Pool.

It was necessary to do this to smooth over the rough concrete surfaces before the pool liner could be ordered and fitted. Having finished the screeding, P turned his attention to installing lights and a dehumidifier. He also put the coping in place around the top edge of the pool and fitted the retractable cover on its roller. Every new achievement brought the pool closer to completion. We started imagining ourselves swimming.
Barry and P measured carefully several times to be absolutely sure of the size of the pool liner required. The dimensions were phoned through to the States, payment made and we settled in for a wait of possibly six weeks. A fortnight later the liner was delivered and Barry had several anxious moments checking that it was the correct size. It was! It is!

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