Friday, 10 April 2009

Winston blogging again

Winston here . . . p'rrrrr, p'rrrrr . . .

The rain is hissing down here but it hasn't stopped the birds being busy so me and Monty can do a spot of bird-watching. I've just seen an enormous crow on the fat cake. Yesterday he was eating the grass seed – the wood pigeons haven't eaten quite all of it.

Me and Monty are feeling much better now, thank you kindly for asking. We enjoyed our morning treats from Mr Human and yowled excessively for breakfast from Mrs.

I got the 'Hand-off' from Monty – you know, like the rugby players do. I'm not so keen on rugby meself but Monty likes it. Monty does a 'Hand-off' when he's very hungry and wants first go at the food. I always give in – don't like trouble, me – and he don't eat it all anyway so there's plenty left for me. Buddy Liver Spots nosed the door open and pinched our chicken but we'd had enough and there'll be supper later.

Me and Monty are great pals but every so often he picks a fight with me. I don't like that – I'm a peaceable sort of chap – but I forgive him for it. He was so ill when we were kittens – he had osteomyelitis (had to ask Mrs what it was called) and nearly died so it's good in a way that he's top cat. He is a month older than me, too, so it's only fair.

Nothing much going on outside and all the dogs are asleep inside so I think I'll have a snooze too.


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